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Which Treos Didn't Make the Cut?

Thu Aug 21, 2008 - 1:32 PM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell

Yesterday I reported on The New York Times article about Jon Rubinstein. Remember this quote from the story about when Stephane Maes first met Rubinstein?:

Mr. Maes had loaded his backpack with about 30 different devices to show Mr. Rubinstein. And for three days, Mr. Maes said, Mr. Rubinstein questioned the team on the devices. After listening to their explanations, Mr. Rubinstein canceled several Treos in development. It was a tough session because Mr. Rubinstein thought there were too many products. He demanded design changes in phones only months from release.

Boyhowdy, I'd love to have been able to see those 30 devices in that backpack, wouldn't you? Some could have been prototypes of the Centro. We know that Rubinstein ordered that changes be made only days before its release. Now the most interesting thing in that quote is:

Mr. Rubinstein canceled several Treos in development.

Hmmm.... very interesting indeed! I wonder what Treos got canceled that we never heard about? And out of 30 devices, I wonder how many of those were Treos? Could one of the devices in there have been the Treo 800w that is now out? Could one of them have been the Treo Pro that has yet to be released? If so, those two made the cut out of all those devices.

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