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VeriChat Beta

Mon Dec 9, 2002 - 8:06 AM EST - By Michael Ducker, Marcus Adolfsson

PDAapps has developed yet another interesting app specifically for the Treo. VeriChat is a unified instant-message (IM) client that works with Yahoo and MSN. There are some indications that in the future it might work with AIM or ICQ. Little is known about this, but if you are interested fill out the form linked from this page.

From PDAapps: We will be supporting all four major services, i.e. MSN, Yahoo, AIM, and ICQ. In our latest Beta build, MSN and Yahoo are supported. AIM and ICQ are still in the alpha phase, but after seeing the beta, you can see that our application is really designed for supporting multiple protocols.

The other rumor that our application is just a SMS front-end to all these services is not correct either. Actually, our system is a hybrid between the always connected and the SMS form, giving the users the best of both worlds. It uses PCS-Vision/GPRS or any other data connection you have most of the time, but when the user is away or using another application, then the message uses SMS as a transport -- this is transparent to the user. The user will still just get a VeriChat popup with optimized inputs and while replying it would be using the data connection not SMS.

It is good to see more developer interest in products for the Treo, from skinning applications, to IMÂ’ing. Maybe we will see some new accessories next?

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