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Treo Software Roundup - v082908

Fri Aug 29, 2008 - 5:13 AM EDT - By Neal Martin

Palm OS

Welcome to this week's Treo Software Roundup! Let's round up some software and dig right in...

Palm OS New:

TouchBook v1.0

TouchBook, by Ryhor Burakou, is a freeware replacement for the default Address Book or Contacts application. TouchBook provides a nice attractive and simple to use interface, the ability to flick the list with your finger, or quickly call friends using the photo favorites screen!


  • flick through contacts with your finger
  • personalize using wallpapers
  • quickly call someone special using photo favorites mode (Menu->F)
  • create a new email by tapping on an email address
  • send sms to a friend by pressing Menu->S
  • use the good-old keyboard search: type "jdoe" to find John Doe
  • and much more!

I'm finalizing a review of Ryhor's TouchLauncher, and if TouchBook is anywhere near as nice, this will be a winner!

Get it here for FREE!

Handy Checkbook v3.0

Handy Checkbook, by ieosoft, is a program to track all your checks in and out.


  • The main menu has three selections:
    • 1. Check In - to key in data for the check you received from people/companies
    • 2. Check Out- to Key in data for the check you pay to other people/companies
    • 3. Balance - Different between Check In and Check Out.
  • 4. Exporting to Memopad function added for backup/printing purpose.

This sounds simple, doesn't it? But, let me tell you - it's very EASY to make a mistake in your checkbook (for those of you who've never done this - snicker ).

Get it here for just $6.99 - a small price to pay to avoid a huge headache!

Map My Tracks v1.3.1

Map My Tracks, by Tinderhouse, turns your mobile phone into your personal, real-time GPS tracking device. Using a mobile phone with built-in GPS or an external GPS receiver you can map and track your location in real-time. Map My Tracks is great for bringing a new insight into your sporting activity, it provides a competitive edge and makes training fun. Map My Tracks let your friends, competitors or parents know where you are right now.

ItÂ’s ideal for tracking activities like sailing, cycling, running, canoeing, skiing, walking, windsurfing, orienteering, mountaineering, horse riding, hang gliding, gliding, snowboarding, paragliding, hot air ballooning or just for fun to show your friends where you are right now.


  • Track your progress over land, sea or air in real-time using just your mobile phone
  • Allow friends, training partners, coaches, spectators or parents to follow your progress
  • Track your race with Map My Tracks and discover where your race was won or lost
  • Replay your tracks overlayed on street or satellite maps
  • Analyze distance, top speed, average speed, direction, and much more
  • Show spectators where all competitors are right now
  • Display tracks on your blog or competition website
  • Share tracks with friends for feedback or comments
  • Discover new tracks or training routes around the world
  • Review tracks by training partners
  • Compare your performance against other competitors

I'm not sure of the possiblity of this, but I can envision parents keeping track of their children with brand new licenses - tracking where they are, how fast they're going, etc! That would be awesome! (for the parents, of course grin).

Get it here for FREE!

Note: Requires the JVM (java virtual machine) for Palm. An alert reader has informed me that he had trouble getting the program to run.

My Gadget Info v3.0

My Gadget Info, by ieosoft, is a handy program that keep track of all your gadgets' information, including serial number, warranty period, model/brand, price, purchase date and location.


  • Categorize all your gadgets.
  • Calculate how much you've spent for all the gadgets.
  • Warranty information, just in case your gadget has a problem.

My favorite editor came to mind when I saw this one! grins at Jennifer. Some people do have a LOT of gadgets, and this program could be pretty handy to keep track of the pertinent info!

Get it here for $6.50.

Palm OS Updated:

Resco IDGuard for Palm OS

Resco has updated its IDGuard for Palm OS to version 2.02.

IDGuard securely stores your personal information: passwords, PINs, credit cards etc. Information is encrypted using industrial standard AES and is quickly accessible on your PDA.

IDGuard provides secure storage for any files - documents, images etc.

IDGuard lets you work with stored documents: It decrypts the document on the fly, calls the document reader and re-imports eventual modifications.

Windows 2000/XP/Vista: IDGuard desktop provides comfortable environment for working with your personal information and secret documents.


  • Flexible GUI - a tree, list, icons or any combination
  • Customizable record templates, categories and icons
  • Special data editors for address/ phone number/ e-mail
  • Multiple data sources (password databases)
  • Backup/Restore, Export/Import, and Send
  • Password generator, auto-locking etc.
  • Records can have reminders (alarms), notes and attachments (any files).
  • Attachments can be created also with built-in camera or audio recorder.
  • SECURE DOCUMENT WORKFLOW *** is supported by these doc readers:
    • doc/xls/ppt...: Documents To Go v9 , Mobi Office
    • pdf: Palm PDF
    • images: Resco Viewer
    • audio/video: TCPMP
    • Others: html (most browsers), Repligo, Kinoma
  • IDGuard itself provides jpg preview and mp3/wav replay
  • Other doc readers provide unsafe interface: They receive a document copy and it is the user's responsibility to secure his data.

Get it here for $19.95.

Initiate Skin(s)

Rob over at Hobbyist Software wanted to pass on that there is yet another skin available for his great program Initiate!

If you haven't checked Initiate out, then give it a look here and check out these awesome-looking skins!

You really should check out all of Rob's software here!

AFK SameGame

AFKSoft announced that it has updated its SameGame to version 2.5!

SameGame is a highly addictive puzzle strategy game! The goal is to remove all gems from the board. This is done by clicking on a gem, however it must touch at least one other gem of the same color. The more gems of the same color touch, the more points you get. Also, there are bonus points for clearing a screen.


  • Classic and Endless game modes
  • Option to choose difficulty/number of initial colors
  • Track 10 highest scores with board number and date
  • Track recent average, lowest, highest scores & games played
  • Online high scores
  • Play with or without sound effects
  • Play with or without scoring hints
  • Various different gem graphics
  • Battery level gauge
  • Restart current game
  • Undo last move
  • Various different gem graphics
  • Various backgrounds
  • 5-way navigator support

This sounds a lot like Bejeweled, except that you seem to be required to match only one other gem of the same color. If it's even somewhat as addictive as Bejeweled, it's a keeper!

Get it here for $12.95!

SplashPhoto for Palm OS

SplashData has updated its SplashPhoto for Palm OS to version 5.0!

SplashPhoto has pioneered mobile photo software for over 8 years, and we are proud of our new version 5 which has an enhanced UI, support for new formats, and the ability to share photos on the web with Picasa, Flickr, and Facebook!!

I read on SplashData's site that SplashPhoto is up to 80% faster than most built-in photo applications. That's pretty fast!!


  • Desktop image catalog lets you edit, organize and sync images with your handheld
  • Install JPEG images to internal or external memory, saving precious memory
  • Organize images using an unlimited number of categories
  • Send images to other mobile devices via infrared, Bluetooth, or SMS
  • Supports sending/receiving JPG attachments via email with SnapperMail, Versamail and others
  • Pan and Zoom on the handheld
  • View images in a Slideshow with transitions and background music

New in Version 5.0:

  • Updated UI for more finger friendly navigation of views
  • Tree View to see all your photos in a familiar file system format
  • Share images with others on Picasa, Flickr and Facebook
  • Support for JPG, TIFF, GIF, and BMPSimple, fast, high quality image viewer

Get it here for $29.95!

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