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SnapperMail 1.4b released

Wed Dec 11, 2002 - 7:45 AM EST - By Marcus Adolfsson

Snapperfish has released a SnapperMail 1.4, which includes a huge number of incremental improvements and some new features. The star feature for 1.4 is Periodic Mail fetching, a much requested feature from our customers. With periodic fetching enabled, your handheld will automatically wake-up and fetch / send mail at configurable intervals. Just so it doesn't get in your way, the auto-fetching feature has been designed to activate only when your device is turned off.

Registered users have already been sent the installation files and SHOULD NOT download the demo version from our website. If you are a non-registered user, you may download a 15 day trial version.

Here's what's new in v1.4.0b:

NEW: Periodic Mail Fetching

  • Periodic intervals to the nearest minute
  • Configurable active time of day and days of week
  • Configurable automatic disconnect
  • Configurable alerts
  • Attention Manager supported in OS 4 or above

NEW: Manual Fetch options

  • Allow/disallow one button fetch
  • Configurable automatic disconnect
  • Configurable alerts

NEW: Connection Log, displays a history of past connections to the mail servers
NEW: Better Treo Jog Rocker Support.

  • Jog Up/Down changes msg composer fields
  • Page Up/Down work independently from Jog Rocker
  • Jog button activates email lookup in composer's To: Cc: Bcc: fields

NEW: Better Treo Keyboard support

  • No need to hit the command stroke prior to a shortcut
  • [enter] opens messages
  • [backspace] exits message
  • [Option Pageup/Pagedown] in msg reader jumps to previous/next msg
  • [backspace] dismisses all alert forms
  • More shortcut commands added

NEW: User can select which application to open an attachment with if more than one is available ("Open with..." command)

NEW: Attachment "Properties" Inspector, lets you rename attachment files

  • Now fetches the latest X number of messages on the server instead of fetching X new messages on each fetch operation
  • Message Reader now uses "1 of 10" style text in the titlebar
  • Now silently logs sending problems and continues with on with the Send/Fetch process
  • Now checks for illegal characters in the account settings
  • Now ignores SMTP user/pass settings, if server does not support SMTP AUTH.
  • Short header view inside composer now ommits Cc: field and can be switched to even if the extended fields are populated
  • Signature form now has a scrollbar
  • Fixed. Backup databases settings stays on in v1.3.1
  • Fixed. Day of the week one day out when composing message headers
SnapperMail is expected to be in full release early in the New Year. This will include manuals and a final round of bug-fixes.

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