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Wed Sep 3, 2008 - 10:43 AM EDT - By Neal Martin

Hey, was looking around at Palm Addicts and ran across this great looking program, Nexave! Check it out!

Nexave is an iPhone look-alike keyguard replacement for all Hires Palm OS devices.

The transparent Nexave keyguard window times out after 5 seconds, which results in your device powering off - which can be quite the battery saver if you're apt to accidentally hits keys (like I am). You can 'wave' it away by swiping it down with your finger or hit the center button. It replaces the built-in keyguard window. Note: Be sure to set the Auto-Keyguard to "When power is turned off".

Nexave displays the time, the date, battery meter, phone signal meter, beaming status, amount of physical ram including amount in use, basic smart card information and even your phone carrier and phone number - that's quite a bit of information for a freeware program!

Nexave can be set to display todays weather, tomorrows weather, todays and tomorrows weather, 3 day forecast or no weather information at all. I've been using Nexave on my Centro for the past week. My only problem so far has been getting the weather to actually show up even though I do have the 4Cast plugin enabled.

Sammy even has a video of Nexave in action. Check it out!

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