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Your Smartphone Can Open Doors - Literally

Fri Sep 5, 2008 - 9:48 AM EDT - By Jay Gross

Add locking and unlocking your front door to the functions you can implement on your mobile phone. Schlage, a company that makes locks and the like, is showing a cell phone controllable entry door lock at the CEDIA Expo trade show in Denver, according to the Associated Press. CEDIA is the Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association. Major geeks.

The battery-operated "Z-Wave" lock, which for backup also works with a simple metal key, can be locked or unlocked by entering a four-digit code over the Internet from a computer or a smartphone. No more retracing your steps if you wonder "Did I lock the door?" The wireless transaction is encrypted, according to the company.

A Schlage kit that includes the lock and the wireless bridge sets you back $299. To implement the remote controls, there's a $13 monthly fee. No word on whether batteries are included. The company says the product will be available in late October.

Nice, but I'll just stick with my plain old brass key and apply the $13 monthly savings to something totally frivolous, like rent.

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