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Centro Among Top 5 Smartphones in U.S. Generating Mobile Traffic

Wed Sep 10, 2008 - 9:56 AM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell

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I just read over at ReadWriteWeb that according to the latest data from mobile advertising company AdMob, traffic from Apple's iPhone on AdMob's advertising network almost doubled in August. Also, the iPhone saw the fastest growth of all smartphones worldwide, with the Samsung Instinct coming in second.

According to the ReadWriteWeb article, Palm's Centro, a major boon for Palm, was only trumped by the Blackberry Pearl when it comes to traffic volume. The Centro is among the top 5 smartphones generating traffic. Even though Nokia's devices were responsible for just over 62% of all smartphone traffic worldwide, none of Nokia's smartphones ranked in the top 20 in the U.S.

So I guess we Centro owners are online via our Centros a lot. Even though Blazer is painfully slow, I still occasionally surf the web on my Centro. I like to play around with FaceBook as well as look up items on ebay.

When I get my Treo Pro, I'll probably surf the web on it even more since it's got Wi-Fi. And when my area EVER gets 3G, I'll really be surfing the web a whole lot more. By the way, Congrats to Dieter on finally getting 3G down in Florida! ;-)

The article notes that "iPhone users, thanks to the ease of use of the iPhone user interface, are probably spending more time online on their devices than most other smartphone users." I'm hoping that Palm has a much better internet experience in store for us with their upcoming, new Palm OS. I'd love to see something similar to Safari. If that were to happen, I can imagine that Palm smartphone users would really be heating up the airwaves via their phones.

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