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Treo Software Roundup - v091208

Fri Sep 12, 2008 - 6:04 AM EDT - By Neal Martin

Palm OS

Welcome to this week's software roundup! New for Palm OS we have mySchedule NHL 2008, Team Project, HandSokoban and Aces Texas Hold'em® - Limit. For updated Palm OS we have PalmaryClock, PDACookbook Plus, eDrinksMixn and NinerPad.

WM new apps are Sunnysoft Calling Card, AudioBay Podcast Player, SMS Reports Eraser and Pokarus. WM updated apps are VsNotepad 2, Elecont Dialer for Pocket PC and Smartphone, PDACookbook Plus and TerraTrack Recorder.

Palm OS New:

mySchedule NHL 2008 v1.1

mySchedule NHL, by Toysoft Development, Inc., is a scheduler for the National Hockey League 2008-2009 season. mySchedule includes all 30 team's regular season schedules, rosters for all 30 teams, Stanley History stats and Game Day feature.


  • Support high resolution
  • Team Roster for all 30 teams.
  • Support 4 time zones for the schedule.
  • Selectable weeks for the schedule.
  • Weekly game match up summaries
  • Colorful icons.

NHL fans, get it here for just $6.95!

Team Project v1.0

Team Project, by Handcase, was designed as a palm solution for managing teams in projects. It offers 14 tools in their conditions for complete management teams in all types of projects, for any company in any segment of action. It is structured in the Project Planning, Project Initiation, Project Implementation (with graphics), Monitoring Project (with graphics), Diary Project, Cost Project, Project Goals, Team Goals, Evaluation Team (with graphics) and Evaluation Project (with graphics). It has also complementary tools, priorities, activities, meetings and description project. In English.


  • 14 tools
  • Graphics for evaluation and monitoring

Get it here for $19.00.

HandSokoban v1.0

HandSokoban, by Handcase, is the Palm version of the Japanese classic game sokoban. A game that requires very spatial reasoning. In this version you must move the golden forklift by scenarios, pushing to secure areas with the radioactive containers with a minimum of movement possible. It comes with 100 levels. Only Palm color. Free only for users of the games of Handcase the GameScore which lets you organize all your moves for any type of game, our game, console, arcade, pc or web.


  • 100 levels
  • Free only for users of the games of Handcase the GameScore which lets you organize all your moves for any type of game, our game, console, arcade, pc or web.

Do you have what it takes?

Get it here for $11.00 and find out!

Aces Texas Hold'em® - Limit v1.3.14

Check out Aces Texas Hold'em® - Limit by Concrete Software, Inc.!

"Limit style" Texas Hold'em is most often played in casinos where betting limits are set by the house. Setting limits retains more players per round and more action to the game. See if you can beat the pros of Aces Texas Hold'em® - Limit!


  • Amazing intelligence specifically created for limit style Texas Hold'em.
  • Play up to 22 Hold'em opponents at a time.
  • Incredible hi-res graphics!
  • 4 game speeds.
  • Highlights winning hands.
  • Manual scrolling to view players previous moves
  • Great sound effects with on/off option.
  • Game proceeds faster after you fold.
  • Amazing player intelligence.
  • Display 3 opponents at a time (4 using landscape).
  • Player scrolling - automatic and manual.
  • Use your favorite poker nicknames for yourself and other players.
  • Create/Modify opponent names, faces, intelligence, and holdings.
  • Blinds stay the same, increment on a timer, or by number of rounds.
  • Customize blinds and time increments.
  • Play Tournament style or have players automatically sit in.
  • "Deal'em Button" reveals next card after folds.
  • Tons of statistics (hands played, folds, raises, tournament wins, etc.)
  • Automatically saves game.

Do you like poker? betting? heck, just competing? Then get this!

Get it here for $14.99!

Palm OS Updated:


PalmarySoft has updated its PalmaryClock to version 3.6.

PalmaryClock is a multifunctional clock of variable design. It can be transformed into either classical, digital or alarm clock, watches or calendar according to your wishes. Our aim was to develop stylish clock which will be «gratifying to the eye».

The great numbers of skins we have developed for PalmaryClock allow you to design the clock according to your likes. You can also create new skins by yourself. It is possible to use digital photos for creating skins, including those taken with your digital camera.

The time is displayed precisely to one second. Date Manager makes it possible to create a calendar calendar for any year, from 1910 to 2030. Alarm Manager with improved sound setup and Mp3/Wav/OGG/WMA support and sorting option will always remind you about an important appointment or your friend's birthday. You can set unlimited number of alarms for the next hour, day, month or year. Timer manager will help you to manage your routine tasks.

Our Time Calculator will help to precise the time for any small corner of the world. Now you will be able to convert the standart time to the INTERNET time and vice versa for any city of your choice. Moon phases mode gives all the information on the Moon phases you need!

New in Version 3.5:

  • New Alarm Manager with completely new design
  • World Time window is redesigned
  • Time Utilities window is redesigned
  • Events Bars is redesigned
  • Application Preferences are regrouped into new window for more easy access
  • All new devices support
  • Misc bug fixes


  • User's skins
  • User's backgrounds
  • Easily adjustable and intuitive alarms and timers control from the main clock screen
  • Slideshow mode
  • Personal user settings for every skin
  • Analog, digital and analog-digital clock
  • Customizable calendar from 1904 to 2031
  • Unlimited number of Alarms with enhanced settings
  • Unlimited number of Timers
  • Ten independed Stopwatches
  • and MUCH, MUCH more!

Get it here for $14.95!

PDACookbook Plus

WakefieldSoft, LLC has updated its PDA Cookbook Plus to version 5.0.4.

PDACookbook is your total recipe and cookbook software for Palm OS handhelds! If you have a handheld, carry your recipes, cook book, menu planner, and shopping list with you for fast and convenient reference.


  • Includes 1200 FREE recipes to get your collection started.
  • PC companion cook book software for your desktop PC.
  • Attached an image or picture to a recipe.
  • Shopping List integrated for creating your list and carrying it to the store.
  • Menu Planner feature to plan future meals.
  • View recipes on menu with a tap!
  • Smart Ingredient Paste for quickly entering recipes copied as text from a web page, etc!
  • Import recipes easily from MealMaster and MasterCook, free from the internet.
  • Scale ingredients quickly and automatically by changing the number of servings.
  • Define your own categories and ingredient list to fit YOUR needs.
  • FREE updates and upgrades within the same version number

Get it here for $29.99.


Lakshmi Solutions LLC has updated its eDrinksMixn to version 4.0s.

Use eDrinksMix’n to store your favorite and most often used Drink recipes. With this application you can easily carry the recipes for your favorite cocktails and beverages everywhere you go from your bar at home, to a friend’s house, to a party or reunion, and all the way to the store.


  • The application already contains an initial set of 80 very good recipes to get you started.
  • Adding more drinks and edit them is a simple two steps process. You can add as many drinks as your device’s memory allows it, and categorize those drinks using categories that you define and make sense to you.
  • The filtering features allows you to filter you drinks list by letter or by category, making it very easy to find the drink you need.
  • If you have Lakshmi Solutions LLC Shopping List in your device, you can rapidly add ingredients to your shopping list directly from the eDrinksMix’n application.
  • Also look for Drinking Cooking and Shopping suite from Lakshmi Solutions LLC, which includes the eDrinksMix’n and more. The application contains Help features describing each screen.

Use the PDA Cookbook Plus above to store food recipes and this to store your drink recipes!

Get it here for just $6.99!

The deluxe version is also available here for $9.99. The Deluxe version includes a PC companion, very similar to the software on the Mobile Device, to facilitate data entry on the PC. From PC companion the user can export the drinks recipes to a word file for printing or to excel as a CSV file. You can also sync your data between your PC and your Mobile Device.

Hey, I'll drink to that! ;-)


Niner Productions has updated its NinerPad to version 1.1R2.

Ninerpad may be the simplest, most effective program for planning your day on a Palm OS PDA. Spend less time entering tasks, organizing them, and setting their action triggers, and get more of it for actually getting things done.

  • Sketch ideas, todos, and notes almost as fast as you can think of them.
  • Tag them, file them, and set reminder actions and alarms for them.
  • Later, export them to GIF for sharing or integration with other devices and platforms.

NinerPad: easy GTD planning for your Palm PDA.


  • (almost) unlimited canvas, cuz size matters
  • fast, smooth, variable-width ink is pretty
  • folders, as many as you'll need
  • tags, as many as you'll want
  • reminder actions: procrastinating is fun
  • queries, to find things now
  • filing, cuz everything has a place
  • folder favorites, to get there fast
  • search favorites, to find them fast
  • multiple workspaces, cuz we all multitask
  • GIF export, cuz no PDA is an island
  • NEW: database sub-systems self-checks and auto-repairs
  • NEW: set default note background color via preferences
  • NEW: "Space > Open Containing Folder" menu
  • NEW: simplified recurring action editing
  • NEW: "Space > Invert" menu, for inversion of current note space
  • FIXED: now launches successfully on Treo700P and other 16 bit PDAs

Get it here for $11.00!

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