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Nutshell Natural Leather Case for Centro

Tue Sep 16, 2008 - 6:15 AM EDT - By Brian Hart


The Nutshell Natural Leather Case for the Palm Centro ($49.95), available now at the TreoCentral store, is a form-fitting leather top-loading case for your Centro that hails from New Zealand. When I think of a nut shell, I think "tough." This case lives up to its name - Nutshell. To find out if there's more to this case than toughness and if it justifies the price tag, read on!


The Nutshell Natural Leather Case for Centro is made of stiff black leather, firmly stitched together with black thread, and is lined with a soft suede-like material on the inside to prevent scuffs and scrapes to your beloved Centro. An exceptionally strong metal clip with a leather covering will secure the case (and your Centro) to your belt or waistband. To add an additional wearing option, there is a steel "D" ring attached at the top of the belt clip. It swivels somewhat freely and is designed to attach to a clip, like a carabiner or clip on a backpack. A trademark stamp is engraved in the leather just below the clip, authenticating your Nutshell and verifying it's New Zealand origin.

At the bottom of the case, the corners are open on each side, but only slightly. Your Centro is at no risk of being exposed on the bottom end given that the openings are too small and your Centro is safely recessed inside the case. Your Centro top loads into the case and fits snugly. It's easy to put your Centro in the case and easy to remove it, but it's still held securely enough that it won't pop out accidentally. I seated my Centro in the case, held it upside down, and shook the case vigorously, but my Centro didn't move a millimeter.

User Experience

As I mentioned, the Centro fits snugly inside, but this case is certainly not waterproof and your Centro is not protected at the top end (given the top-loading design). I'm extremely impressed with the strength of the clip. Once this case is attached to your belt or waistband, it's not coming off accidentally. I can break into a dead run and my Centro and Nutshell case are going nowhere. One of my gripes about other leather cases with belt clips is the belt clip usually wears out over time -- the leather eventually deteriorates from use and the metal clip starts to damage my belts. This Nutshell case appears sturdy enough and designed in such a way that I have no fear of the belt clip wearing out and scratching my belts.

Is it worth the $49.95 price tag? In a nutshell (sorry, couldn't help myself), YES. Nutshell has made a simple yet extraordinary case for the Centro, and I do not hesitate to recommend it. Although by its design it won't protect the very top of your Centro and it's not waterproof, it's tough enough everywhere else to be the last case you'll ever need for your Centro. I suspect the case will outlive my Centro, it's that good.


The Nutshell Natural Leather Case for Centro, available at the TreoCentral Store for $49.95, is an excellent choice for keeping your Centro safe and secure on your hip or anywhere else. It's a little pricey, but in this case (ouch, another pun), you truly get what you pay for. Its sturdy leather, precise stitching, and exceptional belt clip make it a must-have if you like to sport your Centro in leather.

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Design 5
Features 5
Usability 5
Cost/Benefit 5
(not an average)
  • Durable, stylish leather construction with good stitching
  • Strong belt clip
  • "D" ring for other carrying options
  • Snug fit and soft interior for your Centro
  • Cons
  • Not water resistent
  • Top loading does not protect the top of your Centro

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