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Dots Gloves for Touching Your Device's Screen in Cold Weather

Wed Sep 17, 2008 - 9:03 AM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell

I was reading through the tech news yesterday during lunch and came across an interesting item over at GottaBeMobile.

Check out these Dot Gloves that you can use for touch screens during cold weather. Dot Gloves are inexpensive gloves that have metal dots on the fingers that enable use of the iPhone, iPod and iTouch without direct finger contact.

The smooth, curved surface of the metal dots makes them completely safe and scratchless to use on your touch screen.

I looked at the compatibility and the Dots Gloves website states:

Compatable with iPhone, iPod, iTouch, Nintendo DS, notebook trackpads, atms, kiosks, point of sale systems and other touch screen devices.

So I'd say that the Dots Gloves would be compatible with our Palm smartphone screens as well. If both metal and plastic tipped styli work on our screens, I don't see why the metal dots on these gloves wouldn't.

The Dots Gloves come in two varieties:

Knit - ($10.00)

  • Dots Knits are warm and thick, due to heavier weight fibers than similar gloves, without sacrificing the lightness and flexibility expected of a casual glove.
  • The Knit Dot Gloves come in colors of:

    • Black Gloves, Black Dots
    • White Gloves, White Dots
    • Navy Gloves, Black Dots
    • Red Gloves, White Dots

Also, you can get the Dots for Thumb, Index, Middle, Thumb only, or Index only. And you can choose Right Handed or Left Handed.

Ragg Wool - ($15.00)

  • Dots Ragg Wools are tough, thick-woven, unbelievably warm. In a world of thin cashmeres and buttery leathers, it's soft enough for complete comfort, coarse enough to instill the practicality of rawer fabrics. Never double-up on gloves again.

Looks like the Ragg Wool comes in a sort of Salt & Pepper color only. The Dots on the Raggo Wool can be Thumb, Index, Middle, Thumb only, or Index only. And you can choose Right Handed or Left Handed.

I believe I'll get a pair of the Ragg Wools. They look rather comfy. I have an iPod Touch along with my Palm devices so I could use a pair of these gloves for whenever the weather turns cold here. And believe me, I'm so ready for cold weather! I'm not a Summer person. I dream of snow year round.

Head over to dotsgloves.com to check out the Dots Gloves.

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