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Treo Software Roundup - v091908

Fri Sep 19, 2008 - 2:14 PM EDT - By Neal Martin

WM Software

WM New:

SHBT MyHome - QVGA v1.2

SHBT MyHome, by Sellit Hungary BT, is the next generation of touch oriented user interface for Windows Mobile devices. You will be inspired by the beautiful design which let your device look pretty and ease the way of control.

Next generation Touch oriented User Interface.

All technology advantages combined into one product. MyHome is fully touch oriented in control.


  • Enhanced home screen
  • Sliding Panel
  • Touch control
  • Skinning support
  • Skins are fully customizable (for help please see our forum)
  • Support panel plugin (MyWeather)
  • Click events customizable to open favourite program
  • Media bar
  • Optimized for QVGA screens
  • Phone enhancement
  • Appointments handled in a perfect way
  • Tasks Panel

Check out the pictures of this program - Impressive!

Get it here for $19.95!

The VGA version is also available here for $19.95!

Lyma Power Budget v1

Lyma Power Budget, by Lyma Design, is desktop and Windows Mobile budgeting utility.

Input your reoccurring income and expenses for a clear breakdown of your leftover amounts. Includes charts which allow you to visualize the differences. Multiple accounts can be used so that you can see which account is under or over budget.

Also includes a calendar view so that you can see which income or expenses are due.

The application also features a shopping organizer where you can add items that you wish to purchase. These items can be checked off as they are bought. This also has a filter tool so that you can see lists filtered by store or recipient. This feature is useful for parties or Christmas when you plan to buy many items.

Users of Windows Mobile Pocket PC's can synchronize their data to and from their device and work with the powerful mobile application.


  • Pocket PC Sync Feature
  • Filter views for each section
  • Chart Reports which can be printed from desktop application
  • Calendar for viewing upcoming income and expenses
  • Supports multiple profiles

The charts and graphs produced by this app look pretty impressive, and who couldn't use a little help here and there with their budgeting, lol?

Get it here for $24.99!

TerraTrack Recorder 2 (5.0) v2.9.95

TerraTrack Recorder 2, by TerraTrack Records, introduces the next generation off-road navigation while keeping all advantages of a Windows Mobile device. TerraTrack Recorder 2 is the first program a traveller needs to install. It dramatically improves the standard off-road navigation procedure and adds features that most users expect from a modern PDA phone as an off-road navigator. For example TerraTrack Recorder 2 could record your journeys from a NMEA-0183 GPS receiver and generate a comprehensive statistics at real time. The recorded journeys could be multi-purpose analysed and played in NMEA-0183 format to a Real-time GPS tracking software on your mobile device or desktop PC back.


  • NEW! Route guidance
  • NEW! Navigation with patented course deviation indicator scale, so making navigation processes very simple and intuitive
  • NEW! Managing, manipulating, exchange and analyse waypoint, route and trackpoint information
  • NEW! Load selected (Marked) waypoints to your PC for further control and route's creation
  • NEW! Produce track and route leg distance and bearing information
  • NEW! Downloading/Uploading to Garmin, Magellan, MLR other GPS receivers per your desktop PC
  • NEW! "Man over Board", "Course to Steer", "Go To"
  • NEW! Quick selection and control with Easy-To-Use menu, you will not need a stylus
  • NEW! Virtual Serial Port Driver for playing back at the same mobile device
  • Track recording and playing back to you desktop PC's NMEA-0183 Navigation software (Microsoft Streets & Trips 2008 with GPS Locator, Microsoft Streets & Trips 2008, AutoRoute Europe, Google Earth Plus and many others)
  • Simultaneous recording and playing back
  • Full NMEA-0183 protocol compatibility
  • Full playback control
  • Low resource consumption

For Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC

Get it here for $19.95.

TerraTrack Recorder 2 (6.0), for Windows Mobile 6.0 Pocket PC, is also available here for $19.95.

My Passwords - Ultimate Security v1.0

My Passwords, by Sparkle Solutions, Inc., is a Comprehensive Password and Security Management Software for Pocket PC. My Passwords provides the best place to store your Secret details such as Passwords, Personal Identification Numbers, Credit Cards etc. in a 128-bit encrypted format. Secret details can also be transferred to HTML/Word/CSV formats using a simple browser. Two Splendid Search option based on Description and Username are provided. Pleasant set of icons are also provided. Invincible Color Setting option, with which, colors of Pages can be changed.

Works with Pocket PC 2000/2002/2003/2003 SE & Windows Mobile 5.0/6.0 Devices.

• Any number of Categories can be added with user's choice.
• Pleasant Set of Icons are provided to enhance viewing.

• Any number of Secret Details can be added within a category.
• Every detail under a category is stored in 128-bit encrypted format.
• Details Notes are provided for each entry.
• Every Password details of a category can be viewed in a Single Report Page with all details.

Twin Search Option:
• Finest Searching options for a Password Protector.
• Two Search options are provided based on Description and Username.
• Search option is performed simply by entering the Word, Name, Description, Username, Starting Letter etc.
• Edition and Deletion of data can be performed using the Search List.

128-bit Encrypted Password Protection:
My Passwords is protected by a 128-bit encrypted Master Password. User can set their Master Password with Security Questions and Answers. Master Password prevents unauthorised use of your Secure details by others. It makes your details more secure.

HTML/Word/CSV Exports:
Details of a Category along with its entries can be exported to HTML/Word/CSV Formats using a simple browser.
• Details are exported in a Sorted format.
• Instant viewing of HTML/Word files after exporting.
• Exported data can be backed up to the desktop.

Color Settings:
• Most Pulsating Color Setting option to have ever come out for Pocket PC.
• Easiest way to change the colors of your choice.
• Default options is provide to retain the default colors.
• Background and Foreground Colors can be changed for the following Pages.

Data Backup and Restore:
• All the "My Passwords" data including Master Password, Categories and Sub-Entries can be backed up and restored.
• Easiest way to backup and restore.
• Backed-up data can be moved back to desktop and restored.
• Detailed Backup and Restore procedure are provided in the manual.


  • Professionally and Newly designed user-interface that speeds up Data Entry and Easy Viewing.
  • Every data is stored in a sorted format.
  • 128-bit Encrypted Storage of data.
  • Finest Twin Search option by Description and Username.
  • 128-bit Encrypted Master Password to ensure security.
  • Export Facility with Desktop Backup.
  • Most Pleasing Color Settings option is provided to improve the Presentation.
  • Novel way of browsing the options using a Pop-up Menu.
  • Protects you from forgetting your Secret details.

Get this feature-RICH program here for just $9.99!

WM Updated:


phoneAlarm, by PocketMax, has been updated to version 2.07! Read on!

PhoneAlarm - Your complete communication center, never overlook a missed call, voicemail, email or SMS again.
Plus 10 powerful Phone profiles to control all your important settings.
Supports Windows Mobile 2003 (SE), WM 5.0 and WM 6.0 Phone Edition
phoneAlarm is a Today screen plugin - giving you total control over your Pocket PC Phone. Never miss an important call, SMS or email again.
Automatically switch profiles and quickly access Inbox, call history and control the state of bluetooth directly from the Today screen.
Optimized for one-handed and in-car use.

phoneAlarm is a WINNER in the Smartphone & PocketPC Magazine Best Software awards 2007!


  • Provides repeating alarms and escalating sound on new SMS/Email, missed calls & voice messages
  • 10 Custom Phone profiles with manual / time-based automatic switching.
  • Alarm notification on weak phone signal or battery
  • customize sound, volume and repeat for each alarm type in each profile
  • Custom Email/SMS filtered alarm based on sender or subject
  • Mute device and phone volume, also 1-click mute button
  • Skinnable user interface
  • Bluetooth, WLAN & Flight mode control via profiles (also for Widcomm/Broadcomm stack)
  • Auto-profile change on 'ActiveSync' (Work) and 'Power - no ActiveSync' (Car)
  • Detailed GPRS volume tracking
  • Billing calculation - keep track of your phone costs
  • Location-based information (change profile dependent on current location!)
  • Call and SMS forwarding support in each profile
  • 1-hand dialer for last 10 numbers (only for WM 2003 SE)
  • Icons provide direct access to Inbox, missed call history etc.
  • Option to cycle radio (off/on) to change user on dual SIM
  • Rotate screen on profile change
  • GPS support for location
  • Custom LED color / vibrate pattern per alarm
  • English, German, French, Italian, Danish, Dutch, Czech, Russian, Japanese and Chinese user interface
  • Supports VGA display
  • Weather plugin - with 4 day forcast
  • Simple installation

I've read some great reviews on phoneAlarm!

Get it here for $27.50.

Drinking Cooking and Shopping Suite

Lakshmi Solutions LLC has updated its Drinking Cooking and Shopping Suite to verion 4.0!

The Drinking, Cooking and Shopping Suite contain 3 applications from Lakshmi Solutions LLC giving the user many options for hosting parties, preparing meals and dinners, and managing their shopping activities.


  • With eQuickRecipes you can store your favorite and most often used cooking recipes. With this application you can easily carry the recipes for your favorite appetizers, dessert, entrée, etc. everywhere you go from your kitchen at home, to a friend’s house, to a party or reunion, and all the way to the store.
  • Use eDrinksMix’n to store your favorite and most often used Drink recipes. With this application you can easily carry the recipes for your favorite cocktails and beverages everywhere you go from your bar at home, to a friend’s house, to a party or reunion, and all the way to the store.
  • Shopping List will help you to organize, plan and manage the different items that you need to buy. No longer need to use paper notes that can be lost in any store or thrown away by mistake, the application will not only maintain the list of items you need to purchase (by store and by category) but will also help you calculate the total amount you are about to pay.
  • All three applications are integrated and accessible using the DCS Suite screen, however they can still be used independent of each other. Each application contains Help features describing the functions available.

Purchased separately, these 3 programs would cost you $21.97.

Buy the Drinking Cooking and Shopping Suite here for $12.99 and save $8.98!

Updated Sunnysoft Contacts

Sunnysoft has updated its awesome Sunnysoft Contacts to version 1.5!

Manage your contacts using brand-new Sunnysoft Contacts, placing your contacts directly to call button on your Windows Mobile device. This application, wrapped with a stylish design, will significantly improve your contact management.


  • Comfortable interface
  • search by name, surname, company and even by e-mail
  • simple and easy - your future keyboard uses T9 and can find your contacts also in Cyrillic, Hebrew, Russian and Greek
  • thanks to smart solution you are able to go through your contacts only with your finger
  • you can see calls, SMS and e-mails history
  • Quick buttons
  • four buttons for your favorite tasks
  • you can choose speed dial, calls history, font size, Exchange access and many more
  • Exchange access
  • just one click and you can see all your contacts on the Exchange server
  • Adust contacts to your needs
  • choose one of five attractive looks, or made your own
  • the application supports eight languages (English, Czech, French, German, Russian, Spanish, and even Hebrew and Arabic)
  • adjust keyboard and font size, manage alphabetical index, scrollbar and many other things

You gotta love these new apps which give you the option to see who you're dialing rather than having to sift through tons of names (if you have a lot of contacts!).

Get it here for $14.95!

Spb Pocket Plus

Spb Software House has updated its Spb Pocket Plus to version 4.0.2.

The most powerful Today plug-in with tabs. Close button that really closes. ZIP support in File Explorer. And many other features missing in official OS updates in one product.


  • The most powerful Today plug-in ever
  • Smart Scrolling
  • Extensions to Internet Explorer
  • Extensions to File Explorer
  • Close Button that really closes
  • Integration of third-party today plug-ins

Minimum Requirements:

  • Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PC, Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC, Windows Mobile 6 Classic or Professional Device

Looks great! Get it here for $29.95!

Well fellow mobile enthusiasts, that's it for this week - but, check back next week for what we hope are more AWESOME apps for your mobile device!

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