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TreoCentral "Treo Pro Guess the Release Date" Winners

Mon Sep 29, 2008 - 9:05 AM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell

Not just one Treo Pro given away but TWO!

It's time to announce the winners of our "Guess the Release Date" contest. The contest didn't go off without a little drama, though -- with the lack of AT&T pickup for the Treo Pro, our original plan to guess "Official on AT&T" wasn't going to work. With the pre-order, sale date, and press release dates all up as possible contenders for "available," we had some figuring to do.

We figured: why give one Treo Pro away when we could give away two? We're going to give one Treo Pro away to somebody who guessed the first pre-order date, since that technically could count as 'available for purchase.' Plus, to keep things fair, we are giving away a second Treo Pro to a second winner!

Which date for the second winner? We're picking two -- the first "available for purchase" date of Sept. 25th and the "officially unlocked" date of Sept. 26th.1. Got it? Good: let's get to the winners!

Pre-Order Date Winner:

Availability Date Winner:

And the winners also won these Extras:

We'd like to say a Big Congratulations to both makad and elh1188! And thanks to all who participated in the contest!

Dieter will be in touch with the winners via their registered email accounts soon.

1. We would normally go with the official announcement date (Friday), but the Treo Pro was also technically 'available for purchase' on Thursday because that was the first day that Palm started charging credit cards and shipping the Treo Pro. Even though Palm's site said "in stock" on the 24th, they didn't charge anybody or ship until the 25th. So we've counted both the 25th and 26th as equal and have drawn from people who guessed both dates.

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