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Treo Software Roundup - v100308

Fri Oct 3, 2008 - 8:36 AM EDT - By Neal Martin

WM Software

WM New:

Chronos Alarm Clock v3.9.6

Chronos Alarm Clock, by Activekitten Ltd, fills a gap in PocketPC operating systems by offering an unlimited number of alarms and timers with customizable sound and time settings. You can select the sound file and volume. MP3, WMA and OGG files are supported. Two countdowns with lap times lets you track time spent on certain task. A skin-able clock with screensaver and chime sound allows you to have better control over your time.


  • Alarms can be set to signal only on certain days of the week; alarms can be one-time or repetitive
  • Alarms can notify you by playing sounds and turning on/off vibration or blinking an LED.
  • MP3, WMA and OGG alarm files are supported and you can select custom sounds stored in memory or on the storage card.
  • A sound can be played with ascending volume and in loops (as often as desired.)
  • Vibration (with required hardware) can be set to work before or along with the sound.
  • Pulsation is customizable too.

Check out the screenshots - not a bad looking app!

Get it here for $14.95!

Meon by Manbolo v1.1

Manbolo releases Meon!

In 1997, Professor Tagishaki, from Tokyo Quantum Mecanics institute, found new elementaries particles that he called Meons. In this puzzle game, you must solve more than 120 levels to free Meons. Use Prism, Splitter and other various tools to light all the Meons and solve the Light Quest! Incredible graphics and infernal puzzles available on your Smartphone and Pocket PC.


  • More than 120 levels to solve
  • Intuitive gameplay for touchscreen
  • Support every screen size (176 x 220, 240 x 240, 240 x 320, 320 x 240, 320 x 320, 640 x 480 etc...)
  • Multi-language version
  • Available on Windows Mobile Smartphone, Pocket PC 5 and 6

Do you like puzzle games, but hate when you can solve the puzzles and beat the game too quickly? This game features great-looking graphics AND has more than 120 levels to solve - so, it should provide great playability!

Get Meon here, it's only $5.95!

DiabeticDiary FREE BETA v0.1

Software Sentience Ltd is offering their PUBLIC BETA VERSION for FREE.

This is our Windows Mobile counterpart to the successful Palm Diabetic Diary. Recodr as many Blood Tests as you need per day, along with medications taken.
Review results in a Diary format.
Chart results graphically in one of four different formats.

Please note-this is a beta version and is completely free. The ultimate release (non-beta) will NOT be free.


  • Record as many tests each day as required.
  • System will categorize tests into type (e.g. Before mid-day meal) etc., if required
  • Define any meds that you want to record, along with default dose if applicable, and record these at each test (optional).
  • See charts of daily or weekly average and high-low blood test results

Diabetics, why not grab the FREE BETA and see if this app is for you?

Get DiabeticDiary BETA here for FREE!

Vehicle Master (WM 6.0 & 5.0) v1.0

Vehicle Master, by PPC Utils, enhances the performance of your vehicle and trips by managing Dealer, Fuel, Repairs & Services, Breakdown, Expenses, Alarm Reminder, Check List, Emergency Kit, Parking Manager, Trip, Preference and attractive icons!

Functions include: Vehicle Details (Picture Management), Vehicle Quick Tab, Vehicle Master - User Interface, Fuel Tracker, Trip Manager, Repair & Services, Breakdown Manager, Parking Manager, Expense Tracker, Alarm Reminder, Vehicle Master - Icon set, Check List & Emergency Kit and Preference. Vehicle Master's goal is to increase the performance of your vehicle. Check it out!


  • Increase the performance of vehicle.
  • Manage 'N' number of vehicles and trips.
  • Vehicle Master integrated with multiple functionality.
  • Manage your vehicle picture.
  • Alarm Reminder.
  • Import data from master list.
  • Icon specified vehicles and trips to identify easily.
  • Attractive User Interface.

Those of you who care about the car you drive should get Vehicle Master here for $19.99!!

WM Updated:

Jackpot Casino (320x320 WM)

Jackpot Casino, by MobileStream, has been updated to version 1.01!

3D gambling games with wonderful graphics, smart fx and detailed tutorial. Don't get too addicted!


  • blackjack
  • roulette
  • craps
  • caribbean poker
  • 6 kinds of video poker
  • two slot machines
  • detailed tutorial
  • smart graphics
  • nice sound and music

This game looks to be loaded with blackjack, roulette, craps and SEVERAL variations of poker - AND slot machines! Who doesn't love slot machines? Also, for those of you who may not understand how a game is played, or are unsure of the rules of a particular game - there is a detailed tutorial. Add that to the smart graphics and sound effects and music and it sounds like an awesome game!

Get Jackpot Casino here for just $15.95!

French PenReader for Windows Mobile Pocket PC v7.2

French PenReader, by Paragon Software (SHDD) - Penreader, is multilingual handwriting recognition software which enables handwriting data input possibility, making the work with your device handy and effective.
No more little indiscernible letters and unsuitable languages on keyboard! You can entry all types of data to any Windows Mobile application in handwriting using Penreader software! French Penreader supports French and English languages and enables to switch between them easily when writing. Penreader doesn't require training or adjustment for a particular handwriting - it's ready to work right after installation on device!


  • Opportunities you gain with Penreader handwriting recognition software:
  • Write in your native language!
  • Brand new engine provides fast and exact recognition of French and English symbols. You can switch between the languages easily when writing.
  • Entry all kinds of information to your device in handwriting!
  • PenReader handwriting recognition software recognizes letters, numbers, Arabic numbers, standard, arithmetic and punctuation symbols - plus several gestures that fully duplicate main keyboard functions (shift, backspace etc).
  • Select your handwriting style from the list!
  • Adjust PenReader handwriting recognition system to your own handwriting style. To improve quality of recognition of your handwriting, choose a convenient way of writing various symbols in Copy-book menu item.
  • NEW! Use the built-in dictionary for precise recognition!
  • You can add some extra words to the dictionary both at the special menu item and using the pop-up prompts while writing.
  • Adjust interface in accordance with your taste!
  • Interface is available on English and Russian languages. Customizable pen width and ink colour are developed to set customer interface in accordance with your taste.
  • Input data in any Windows Mobile application in handwriting!
  • PenReader recognizes text written at any place on Pocket PC screen and pastes it to the current cursor position.
  • NEW! Use your device memory efficiently!
  • Renovated Pereader requires only about 4 MB of RAM (Random-Access Memory) on device for loading and recognition.
  • Orthographical analysis. Besides graphic analysis, orthographic method based on a specially created vocabulary is used. Combination of these two methods dramatically increases the quality of handwriting recognition.
  • Artificial intelligence. In case of unclear writing PenReader offers different variants of the entered symbol in the pop-up tips. PenReader remembers the chosen variant thus being arranged to your handwriting.
  • Rely on guaranteed quality!
  • As Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Paragon Software (SHDD) provides hi-quality software compatible with Windows Mobile.

Get French PenReader for Windows Mobile Pocket PC here for $30.95.

The Penreader is also available for MANY other languages, actually too many to link to - but, check out the Updated Titles for Windows Mobile Pocket PC Software page for a complete listing!

Airscanner Mobile Firewall

Airscanner has updated its Airscanner Mobile Firewall to version 3.5!

***Winner of Best Security Software of the Year by Pocket PC Magazine*** (as part of our Security Suite).

Protect your Pocket PC from the latest Windows CE exploits, viruses and trojans.

Airscanner Mobile Firewall for Windows Mobile Pocket PC is a low-level, bi-directional, packet filtering firewall that examines all incoming and outgoing TCP/IP traffic. This personal firewall ensures that data is permitted based on access control lists that you select from a set of predefined filters, or from filters that you create yourself. The firewall parses packets as they come in (or go out) on the wire or over the air, and it matches the data against a rule set of ports and IP addresses, URLs, etc.

Unlike some other products, Airscanner Mobile Firewall is not a simple port blocker or application port monitor. It is a true, full strength NDIS firewall powered by a custom-written packet driver for Windows CE .NET. Purchase is for a 1-year license.


  • Monitor your inbound and outbound TCP/IP communication
  • Filter packets at the network level
  • Control full alerting and logging functions
  • Quickly select security zones of varying strength
  • Have the option to ignore (drop packets from) a particular IP address
  • View a real-time connection overview that lists all currently open ports and their state (e.g., a "netstat" for the Pocket PC) with connected IP address.
  • Gain built-in protection filters
  • Have the ability to define custom filters
  • Allow trusted computers based on IP address
  • Fine tune your Denial of Service (DoS) detection and protection (SYN scan detection)
  • ** Does not currently run on Windows Mobile 2005 (WM v5)

I've never been attacked on my Windows Mobile device. Or HAVE I??? Why not be sure and be SAFE and give this product a try? A free trial is available.

Get your 1-year license here for $29.99!

Diamond TV

DS-Info has updated its Diamond TV to version 2.0.

Diamond TV is a Pocket PC application that helps you watch live TV from all around the world!

This version is a big improvement over compatibility with video players:

  • 215 streams from 33 countries, tested with Windows Media, CorePlayer and TCPMP.
  • Password protected adult channels for registered users.
  • Possibility to add your favorite media player.
  • Icon, indicating the player compatibility for each channel.
  • Individual selection of the video player for each channel.


  • Choose from predefined channels: 60 channels from 13 countries so far.
  • You can add your own favorite channels.
  • It uses your Internet connection (3G, Wi-Fi ...) and launches your favorite media player with the selected channel.
  • User friendly interface, translated in more than 20 languages.

Gotta tell ya - this sounds like an AWESOME program!

Get Diamond TV here for $23.79!

That's it for this week. I hope you found something useful that you can load up on your Palm OS or WM smartphone. Check back next week for more software news and updates!

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