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50 emails for TreoPrint

Tue Jan 14, 2003 - 10:31 PM EST - By Michael Ducker

As of 1 PM today Surface Cruncher had received 61 responces. Keeping with his promise, he has pledged to release it soon after he makes some minor improvements. Thank You! TreoCentral member Surface Cruncher info about info about his new app TreoPrint. TreoPrint is an innovative solution to wirelessly printing from the Treo to networked printers around the home or office.

"Beyond phone and data apps that everybody normally uses, I had some additional goals for Treo. I noticed early on that there seemed to be no print capability from PALM PDA devices. I looked for software and did not see much. So, I wrote a little piece of software that runs on my home computer (attached to the internet VIA Comcast cable internet and a wireless WIFI router/firewall) which allows Treo to send print jobs to my home computer VIA the public Internet much like an email message with a file attached.

The software I wrote then takes the incoming data, formats it in the background using MS Word and prints it. I can now print any email or other data on the Treo with a quick few button hits. The print jobs look nice, printing is fast, and I can print from anywhere Sprint's data network covers. I call it TreoPrint and I may release it if anyone else has interest in it."

If enough people (50) register their interest in such an application, Surface Cruncher will document it and publicly release (in beta form) this tool. YEAH! :) Click here to email Surface Cruncher and register your interest in such an application. Independent developers are cool.

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