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"Official" Treo Pro Bug List on TreoCentral Forum

Mon Oct 13, 2008 - 1:39 PM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell


I see that our TC forums now has an "Official" Treo Pro Bug List posted. Forum member scottymomo started the thread. scottymomo notes that these should primarily be actual bugs/issues with the Pro itself and not new features or tweaks.

Let's take a look at some of the bugs on the Treo Pro:

  1. Bluetooth call waiting: If a call waiting call comes in while you're using a bluetooth headset and ignore the second call by not doing anything, both calls get dropped. Looks like there's an entire thread devoted to that pesky bug.
  2. Pocket IE cache/history: Pocket IE cache/history -- if you forcibly exit PIE either via closing via Task Manager or resetting your device, the cache and history are lost. There's a separate thread for this bug also.
  3. Charging Problems: "After attaching a non-working charger cable, and then soft-resetting, the Treo Pro pretends to charge (red led) while it doesn't..." Also, there is a thread about folks having problems charging their Treo Pros using 3rd party USB chargers.
  4. Screensaver freezes and won't disengage.
  5. Can't mute ringer: Even though the Treo Pro manual says that you can silence the ringer while your smartphone is ringing by sliding the Ringer switch to Sound Off, Pressing the Volume button, or Pressing any letter key, none of these works. There is a thread regarding this bug.
  6. Problem with the Smart Dial: Forum memberkbcherry says:
    "I'm having a problem with the smart dial. After ending a call with the red button, and returning to the Today Screen, if I push the green button, it will immediately dial the first number in my call history instead of bring up the list to select from. Now if I haven't been on an active call recently and hit the green button from the Today Screen it will bring up the smart dial list. Also frequently when I try to leave the call history the images stay frozen on my screen and I have to soft reset to get rid of them."
    I'm also having a problem with my missed call notifications. They show up on the screen and if I click to view it, it just disappears. It doesn't bring up the call history or anything. I blame both of these on HTC, I never had problems with the Palm dialer!"

Have you found any bugs on your Treo Pro that haven't been listed here? If so, head over to the "Official Treo Pro Bug" thread and let us know. And let us know also if you're experiencing the bugs listed above.

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