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Jabra SP700 Bluetooth Car Kit

Wed Oct 15, 2008 - 8:59 AM EDT - By Neal Martin


With the crackdown on using handheld phones while driving, it has become even more important to me to find the best possible solution for answering incoming calls on my Centro while operating my vehicle. From my understanding, it is permissible to use my Centro, provided it is in a 'hands free' manner - which is why I browsed the TreoCentral Store and found the Jabra SP700 Bluetooth Car Kit! Read on..

From Jabra's Website:

Not keen on traditional headsets? With an intuitive ‘voice’ feature, an FM transmitter and amazing sound quality, the Jabra SP700 is a stylish alternative for those who want to stay on the right side of law while taking calls at the wheel.

  • Bluetooth speakerphone. Use with your car stereo
  • Make and take calls safely and easily
  • Play mobile music on car speakers
  • Easy to use and needs no installation
  • Excellent sound quality – advanced DSP noise reduction and echo cancellation
  • Voice announcements – so you can keep your eyes on the road
  • Car charger for ultimate convenience
  • Talk time: 14 hours
  • Standby time: 255 hours
  • Weight: 85g or about 3 ounces

In the Box

The kit comes with the Jabra SP700 Bluetooth Car Kit with built-in Digital FM Transmitter, visor clip, car charger, USB charger and a quick-start manual. The manual is short and to the point, but tells you what you need to know to be up and running.

I really appreciate the SP700 shipping with both a car charger and a USB charger. I can keep the speakerphone charging in my vehicle or bring it inside and charge it via my computer with the USB charger.

Features and Setup

In contrast to some earlier, somewhat similar units, the Jabra SP700 incorporates advanced DSP noise reduction & echo cancellation that insure crystal clear sound quality - on both sides of the call. This is a nice feature for those of us who remember the VERY irritating echo prevalent in older generations of such devices!

The Jabra SP700 comes with a USB cable you can connect to the unit and an available USB port to charge the unit and even comes with a car charger adapter - so you'll never be without charge! It took my speakerphone right at 1.5 hours to charge (connected to a USB port of my desktop computer) and with 14 hours talk time and an amazing 255 hour standby time, the Jabra SP700 will be ready when you're ready for it!

You can use the speakerphone by itself to talk hands-free or you can even listen to your favorite tunes on your phone through the speakerphone OR your car stereo! Using FM transmitting technology, the Jabra SP700 is capable of transmitting your phone call and/or your music to play through your vehicle's stereo system - awesome!

To use the FM transmitting function, you just push the FM button on the left side of the unit and tune in the FM frequency you want with the + and - buttons on the right side of the unit. The + and - also serve as a volume up and volume down for the SP70 when using the speaker without transmitting through your stereo. I've pictured the FM button, volume up and down buttons and also the USB charging port of the unit in the picture below.

Installation is a breeze - just clip to your visor. The car charger is an optional choice to bring along, but ensures your unit will always be standing by, ready for your calls (or for listening to that favorite song!).

In the picture below I have the Jabra SP700 clipped to my visor and the charger cable connected from my truck's cigarette lighter port to my speakerphone. This, again, is optional, as the speakerphone has more than adequate stand-by time - but, you can leave it connected if you wish.

Using the Jabra SP700

To answer a call, you merely hit the phone button and you're off and talking! Hanging up is as simple as hitting the phone button on the unit again. Pictured below is the blue, incoming call light lit up.

Transmitting through my truck stereo took me a few minutes, as my Pioneer stereo has an awesome tuner and picks up a clear station every click or two, hehe. I suggest picking a frequency that is as void of signal as possible to boost clarity of your streaming music or to ensure a crystal-clear phone conversation when holding a conversation through your vehicles stereo system.

Once installed and set up, the Jabra SP700 is a dependable and capable hands-free option for your mobile phone. In this age of law enforcement cracking down on unsafe drivers/movements while using mobile phones, the Jabra SP700 goes that extra mile to enable you to both stream your favorite music from your mobile phone to your automobile's stereo system and safely carry on a hands-free phone conversation while driving!

The Jabra SP700 also greets you with voice, sounding similar to Kelly LaBrock (to me) and I love it! For those whose language of choice isn't US English, there's 9 other language choices: UK English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Mexican Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese and Russian. I'm sure most everyone who'd have reason to use a device like this could find a language they could use!

When you power on the unit you hear 4 short tones, followed by "Connected" once the SP700 connects with your device. When you push the FM button, you hear your frequency spoken aloud and when you power off the unit you hear "power off" - for examples. Sweeter still is when you receive a phone call - you hear "Call from (number)", awesome! The voice isn't only cool, it's a great safety feature as you can use the audio cues rather than taking your eyes off the road.


I've used the Jabra SP700 for quite a while now and can say it's my favorite bluetooth device to date! Everyone who sees it in action wants one! If I could power my Centro from my cigarette lighter port, I'd be using the SP700 to stream my Centro's music through my Del Sol's stereo - enjoying what I want to hear WHEN I want to hear it!! I can now, but playing music is a big drain on my phones battery.

For the money ($89.95 in the TreoCentral Store), the Jabra SP700 really shines and is VERY good at what it does - so I say BUY ONE TODAY!

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Design 5
Sound Quality 5
Usability 5
Cost/Benefit 5
(not an average)
  • Excellent sound
  • Voice announcements
  • Transmits to your vehicles stereo system
  • 14 hour talk time and 255 hour stand-by time
  • Includes USB charger and car charger
  • Cons
  • Just cannot think of any unless $89.95 is too pricey for you

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