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TC Ringer for Treo 300

Tue Feb 11, 2003 - 9:03 AM EST - By Marcus Adolfsson

TreoCentral (that's us) today announced that they have added support for Treo 300 in their TC Ringer product. TC Ringer is a ringtone manager that allows Treo users to easily assign ringtones to both groups and individuals - so users will know who is calling just by the tone played. TC Ringer works in conjunction with the existing Address Book, so it is very easy and convenient to configure - no need to recreate entries.

In addition to adding Audible Caller ID features to the Treo, TC Ringer is a full featured ringtone manager. To be able to use custom ringtones on a Treo, a ringtone manager application is required.

Features of TC Ringer

  • Find out who is calling without looking at your phone!
  • Assign ringtones to contact groups
  • Assign ringtones on an individual basis (from the entries in the Address Book, not just the Speed Dial)
  • Transfer and organize your ringtones
  • Ability to also make ringtones random if you don't want to assign them

TC Ringer 1.0.3 is a free upgrade for existing customers. Download TC Ringer 1.0.3 and use the existing registration code. Before syncing TC Ringer 1.0.3 with your Treo, please disable the old version by setting it to "Inactive".

Polyphonic Ringtones

In addition to launching TC Ringer 1.0.2, we today also have started carrying polyphonic ringtones. Polyphonic ringtones, which can only be played on the Treo 300, provides for richer and more complex sounds. Now ringtones actually sound like real musical pieces rather than beep-beeps. We currently have around 100 different polyphonic ringtones (in addition to our 1,000 collection of standard ringtones for Treo 180 and 270 users), and will add to the collection every month. Treo 300 users can use non-polyphonic ringtones, although they will sound somewhat plain in comparison.

TC Ringer is developed jointly with mark/space.

Updated information:

Setting Ringtones for use as "Known Caller Tone", "Unknown Caller Tone" and "Roaming Tone"
1. In TC Ringer, go to Manage
2. Select "Midi Ring Tones" on one side
3. Select another database on the other (do not select Radio)
4. Copy tones you'd like to use for these 3 items to Midi Ring Tones
5. In TC Ringer choose "Options" and then "Ringer Preferences"
6. Select the tone(s) for these items

Setting Ringtones for use with Speed Dial or in TC Ringer's Individuals and Groups
1. In TC Ringer, go to Manage
2. Select "Radio" on one side
3. Select another database on the other (do not select Radio)
4. Copy tones you'd like to use for these to Radio
5. From TC Ringer, select Individuals or Groups or go into the phone app and edit speed dials as directed in the Treo manual
6. Select tones

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