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Pink & Black Case Comparison

Thu Oct 23, 2008 - 10:01 AM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell

Two Little Beauties

I was looking for a cute case for my Black Centro awhile back and came across two cases that were both black with pink trim. I wanted both of them since I couldn't make up my mind between the two. I got one case from the TreoCentral Store and the other one from Palm's Store.

Let's take a look at both cases. First up is the Swiss Mobility Madison Nylon Side Pouch. Now, that's a mouthful for ya! Just try saying that three times fast.

Swiss Mobility Madison Nylon Side Pouch

I saw the Swiss Mobility Madison Nylon Side Pouch (I'll call it the Swiss Madison from now on) in the TreoCentral Store and just loved it. I knew that my Black Centro would look great in this case. Jay recently reviewed the cousin of this case; the Swiss Mobility Lara Side Pouch (Pink).

The Swiss Mobility Madison Nylon Side Pouch looks like a tiny purse. The pouch is made from ballistic nylon and leather and has a carrying strap that hooks to the top of both sides. The pouch is 100% hand stitched and the black stitching around the edges looks nice.The pink part of the Swiss Madison is on the front of the pouch beneath where the top flap snaps closed and also on the large flap itself. The large flap is black with a pink stripe on either side in the middle of the flap where the longer part of the flap (with the snap on the underside) is located. The flap has a nice pink and silver Swiss Mobility badge on the end which looks very nice. When the black flap is closed, you can still see the outside edges of the pretty pink material under the flap. Plus the pink stripes on the flap line up with the pink around the closed flap, creating a horse-shoe shaped pink stripe. Nice.

The Swiss Madison's large flap has a magnetic closure which I really appreciate. The magnetic closure snaps home with a reassuring click. I put my Centro in the case, snapped the flap and held the pouch upside down and shook it. The pouch stayed closed and kept my Centro safe inside. The inside of the case is lined with a soft nylon so there's no worries that the Centro would get scratched while inside.

The back of the Swiss Madison has a zip compartment that expands open with 2 separate compartments inside. I've mentioned many times in other case reviews that this is my favorite type of case/pouch. I love being able to carry my Centro in a case that has room for my driver's license, cash, and credit cards. This keeps me from having to lug around a handbag. The Swiss Madison is like having a mini purse.

I can can carry the pouch like a purse or slip the strap over my wrist. I can also attach the pouch to a handbag or even a laptop case as shown in the pic above. And of course the pouch is small enough that I can just put it in my purse or a gadget bag. The pouch isn't much bigger than the Centro and is very lightweight.

This little pouch is really cute and could easily be carried to a casual or more formal event with its designer looks. The Swiss Madison looks great with my Black Centro and I'm sure it would look as good or maybe even better with a Pink Centro.

I love this pouch and can only think of one thing that I'd change. I would prefer that the wrist strap was removable from both sides instead of just one. The way it is, you can't totally remove the strap. It's not a deal breaker though because the case looks so good and has the nice features like the magnetic flap and extra pockets.

You can get the Swiss Madison Nylon Side Pouch here for $29.95.

Body Glove Rhythm Horizontal Case

The other Black and Pink case I got is the Body Glove Rhythm Horizontal Case. I bought this case from Palm's Store. The case is no longer available at the store though unfortunately.

The Body Glove case is more on the sporty side compared to the Swiss Madison. This case is also Black, trimmed with Pink highlights. The sides of the case have a sporty stripe. The front flap, which is also magnetic, has pink criss-crossing dotted lines, making several small diamond shapes. There is a cute Body Glove graphic done in Pink and Black on the front flap also. The white stitching around the flap looks nice too.

The Body Glove is made of a durable material that gives a nice grip. The back of the case has a large built-in clip. Body Glove's website refers to the clip as a money clip, but I'm sure that you could slide the clip over your belt and wear it that way. There is black stitching on the sides of the back of the case and also stitching along the edges of the clip.

The inside of the Body Glove is lined with a soft material that will keep your Centro safe from getting scratched on the way in and out.

The Body Glove is a snazzy looking case that will protect your Centro from dings and scratches. With its large, magnetic flap, there's no worries about your Centro falling out when the case if upside down.

You can get this case at the Body Glove website for $19.99.


Both the Swiss Madison and the Body Glove are great little cases. Both protect your Centro very well and look good at the same time. The Swiss Madison has more of a "girly" appearance, looking like a mini purse. The Body Glove looks more on the sporty side compared to the Swiss Madison.

Both cases are small and lightweight, making them easy to tote around. The Swiss Madison has the bonus of having the extra pockets so that you can carry more with you like credit cards, cash, and your driver's license. I just wish that the entire carrying strap was removable.

The Body Glove doesn't have any extra pockets but its material seems more rigid and durable. It does have the built-in clip on the back which makes it convenient to carry on your side.

I love both cases and can't really say that I prefer one over the other. I just switch them back and forth when the mood strikes me. These are two of my favorite cases and I get compliments each time I carry one of them.

Of course I did give my Black Centro to my sister, so it looks like I'll be carrying my Blue Centro or my Treo Pro in the cases. The Treo Pro looks nice with them since its Black.

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