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From Phone to Remote Control

Mon Feb 24, 2003 - 7:39 PM EST - By James Hromadka

Up until now, most people used Bluetooth for synchronization or for a wireless headset for your mobile phone. Jonas Salling has released a beta of Sony Ericcson Clicker (download here) that really shows off the potential that Bluetooth has. Clicker lets Mac OS X 10.2 users control PowerPoint, Keynote, iTunes, or DVD Player by using a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone.

You can also configure Clicker so that it does something when you walk in or out of range of your Mac -- pause a song or movie when you walked out of the room and begin playing again when you walk back!

This type of application would be perfect on a PDA. There are already programs that function as an infrared remote; a Bluetooth remote would also be useful. The range is around 30 feet, well within normal TV/Stereo activities.

I'm still waiting on an MP3 streaming application so I can plug my home stereo into the headphone jack on my Tungsten T which streams music from a nearby computer over Bluetooth. I could use my PowerBook, but I also want to take the Tungsten and some speakers outside near the hot tub, turn on streaming, and let the music play. Given the choice, I would sooner put my PDA near bubbling water over my Mac!

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