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Palm and InStyle.com Giving Away 10 Vibrant Rose Centros

Tue Oct 28, 2008 - 1:24 PM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell

We reported on Palm's new holiday color Centros for Sprint recently. If you recall, the Olive Green and Vibrant Rose Centros have twice the storage of other Centros at 128MB (user-accessible RAM), the ability to add up to 4GB more with a microSD card, Facebook for Palm, and Google Maps with the My Location feature all wrapped up in new colors at a special holiday price as low as $79.99 as the $99.99 price is lowered to $79.99 until January 10th.

These two new Centros also have the soft-touch paint. Sweet! I think both new colors look great! You can see some drool worthy pics of the Olive Green Centro over at Palm Infocenter where Ryan has gotten hold of one.

How do you like that gorgeous Vibrant Rose Centro? Pretty, huh? Well, Palm is running a promotion with InStyle.com through November, giving away 10 Sprint Centros in Vibrant Rose. So 10 lucky people are going to win one of these sweet Centros.

So head over to Palm's contest entry page and enter for your chance to win a Vibrant Rose Palm Centro from Sprint! One entry per person. Good luck!

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