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Treo Software Roundup - v110708

Fri Nov 7, 2008 - 3:52 AM EST - By Neal Martin

Palm OS

Welcome to this week's Treo Software Roundup! Hard to believe we're already into the month of November. Does time fly or what?

Let's get started and round up some new and updated software for you Treo and Centro owners out there!

Palm OS New:

Hexagon v1.05

Hexagon, by inDev Software, is a kind of game that is easy to learn and at the same time very addictive. The first Hexxagon game was released by Argo Games in 1992. Its rules were based on Ataxx game invented in the late 80s.

You play on the hexagonal field built of cells. Move your game pieces to the adjusted cells and convert opponent's pieces around the move destination cell to your color. The game ends when there are no more moves possible. The game object is to have majority of your color pieces at the end of the game.


  • Supports all modern screen resolutions: 320x320 and 320x480 (portrait and landscape)
  • Bright 16-bit graphics and digital sound effects
  • Three game modes: Human vs. Computer, Human vs. Human and Computer vs. Computer
  • Three game difficulties: Easy, Normal and Hard
  • Default game board plus 5 additional editable boards
  • High scores list

Minimum Requirements:

  • Palm OS 4.0 or later, 320x320 minimum screen resolution, 170K free memory

The description of the game sounds a lot like Othello or Reversi - both of which can be quite addictive if you enjoy this type of game. If so, check it out!

Get Hexagon here for just $4.95!

Zeus Quest for Palm OS v1.0

Zeus Quest, by CrazySoft, is a brand new, huge and funny adventure game with gorgeous cartoon graphics. The humor reminds us the old classic adventures games by sierra and Lucas.

The plot is crazy! You are Zeus the boss of Olympus which comes back to earth to save the planet. Everything is happening at the classical ancient Greek period (1000-300bc) but you have the chance of switching ages though a time machine...

Visit many Aegean islands including: Santorini, Delos, Mykonos, Milos, Karpathos and Crete. Solve many riddles, play some mini games, interact with ancient Greek mythology characters with hilarious dialogs and at the end… try to save the planet!


  • Play over 50 different places on the Greek islands.
  • Interact with many funny characters from the Greek Mythology.
  • Play many mini games.
  • Day – night conditions and hidden extras.
  • Translated into 6 languages.
  • Brilliant high resolution cartoon graphics.
  • Compatible with most of the platforms and phones.

The game is fully translated into several languages:

Judging by the screenshots, this game looks awesome! With over 50 different places to visit, the mini-games and the inclusion of both day and night times - this game sounds VERY interesting!

Get it here for $19.95!

Mobiscope: Video from webcams on mobile v2.6

Mobiscope, by SHAPE Services, gives you complete video surveillance at a reasonable price!

No need to purchase any expensive equipment. All you need is a webcam or network camera on your computer to record everything that goes on when you are away. Mobiscope can monitor the area for motion and transfer the recording to your Palm smartphone.

Keep an eye on your children even when away from home. See your loved one at any time when separated by distance or observe your work place and employees in the office during trips.


  • Get motion detection alerts over email. Be notified of all motions and instantly watch a video stream from a place you observe. Start recording when motion is detected.
  • Any web/IP cam support. You can watch up to 4 web or IP cameras simultaneously or watch public webcams streaming remarkable places of interest worldwide.
  • Mobiscope desktop service works on any Windows- and Mac-based PC.
  • No special equipment required. All you need is a webcam connected to computer (or network camera) and your mobile.
  • Customized scheduling for recording start/finish.
  • Your recordings are safely encrypted when transferred to the Internet.

Minimum Requirements:

  • A webcam or network camera on your computer

With the ability to view up to 4 web or IP cams simultaneously, you could really stay in the know with Mobiscope. Just be sure not to invade someones privacy like I've seen in movies, such as American Pie, LoL! Seriouly! There are literally hundreds of possible uses for such a program!

Get it here for $29.95 and keep an eye on things!!

SoliBlox v1.0

SoliBlox, by Handcase, is a variation of the solitaire card games or klondike. There you need to aggregate the Blox colored in the order and combination with the colored bars that replace the suits. Thus what you did before for hours with the cards makes for days. 8 game modes. Only for palm color. In English. The free GameScore will organize all your moves for all kinds of games.


  • 8 game modes
  • GameScore organizes all your moves.

Minimum Requirements:

  • PalmOS 3.5

Get SoliBlox here for $10.00.

Palm OS Updated:

WeekUp Alarm Clock

RNS:: has updated its WeekUp Alarm Clock - the ultimate alarm clock for Palm OS!

It's been highly anticipated by businessmen, students, and other workers with a weekly schedule.

Why set alarms every week? Now you can do it once and forever!
Now you can set independent alarms for each day of week.
Once you do it, the alarms will sound every week at the given time.

Break the routine with a single tap!
One-time alarm modifications are possible if the weekly routine is altered by a holiday or another unique event.

Powerful, yet simple and customizable!
The alarm's sound and behavior is completely customizable:
On Treo and Centro smartphones you can use your favorite music file: MP3, AMR, MID, WAV, etc.
To add new sounds to your PDA, use RNS:: ClickClick Alarm. On Treo and Centro devices, use RNS:: TopRingtoneInstaller to install new ringtones from your PC, or RNS:: TopNewRingtones to install them from the SD card.
Free adjustment of alarm volume (including the [Ascending] option), number of repetitions, snooze time, etc.
[Additional Vibration alarm] and [Turn wireless mode on] options for smartphones.

Choose your best option:
WeekUp is available in two configurations: full and lite.
The lite version is free, but it misses a part of the full version's functionality.


  • Set alarms once - always wake up on time!

Get it here for $9.95!

Currency Converter

Srdan Suka has udpated his Currency Converter to version 2.03a.

With Currency Converter you get LIVE rates, Wireless updating, 150 currencies, CrossRate Table, 1WithAllCurrency compare, every 6 hours new database available from WEB!


  • Converts 150 currency rates.
  • LIVE Rates available.
  • Updated rates available every 6 hours from WEB.
  • Wireless updating.
  • Runs on all Palm handhelds with OS 3.5 and higher.
  • Made for travelers, tourists, bankers, forex and all others.
  • Customize rates and cross rates to use.
  • Instantaneous calculations.
  • Logical and intuitive interface.
  • Free upgrades.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Palm OS 3.5, 200 kB of available RAM

Always know the LATEST currency conversion rates with Currency Converter!

Get it here for $8.95! That's 5.64210 GBP!


Handcase has updated its Croquis to version 2.0.

Croquis is a suite of 8 tools for Palm to help architects and engineers to sketch plans and write free hand notes about constructions. It contains an extra resource of dated notations. 6 types of plans, Save plans in a list. 2 options in pencil, a tool of colors. Rough tool. Tool notes the free hand, which can be dated.


  • Suite of 8 tools
  • 6 types of plans
  • 2 options in pencil
  • tool of colors
  • Rough tool
  • help architects and engineers
  • sketch plans
  • write free hand notes

Minimum Requirements:

  • System PalmOS 3.5

Get Croquis here for $10.00.

LSL Cubilete

Lakshmi Solutions LLC has updated its Cubilete to version 1.1.

The LSL Cubilete will allow you play the Standard Cubilete game against 3 other players on the table following the classic rules. Each player takes its turn to roll (configurable up to 3 rolls), setting aside any dice they want for their final hand. The player with the highest 5 of a kind hand wins (Aces are wild cards). A number of rounds are played and the winner of a game is the first to score the define total points (or patas).

You can also play Poker Dice using Cubilete. Similar to the standard Cubilete game, each player will takes its turn to roll setting aside any dice they want for their final hand. At the end of the round, the player with the best hand wins.

You can configure the game by selecting the number of throws per round, the total points or patas to win, the players at the table, player comments (on/off), style of dices to use, and the colors of the display options. The Game contains Help features instructing the novice player on the Basic Rules of the Game, how to select the players, and how to configure the game.

Don't waste your time - start playing LSL Cubilete by Lakshmi Solutions LLC! Also look for our version of the classic games like LSL Poker, LSL Blackjack and LSL Dominoes!


  • Highly customizable
  • Built-in Help for novice players

Minimum Requirements:

  • Palm OS v4.0 or above and 980KB of RAM

Get Cubilete here for only $5.95!

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