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iQcontacts Released

Thu Nov 13, 2008 - 12:19 PM EST - By Jennifer Chappell


Penticon Technologies, a leading mobile software development house, is proud to announce the release of iQcontacts for the Palm OS. iQcontacts was created with the goal of raising the intelligence of your contact management software to the level mobile users now demand. iQcontacts represents the cutting edge for the Palm Treo/Centro user.

Howie Hirsch, found of Penticon Technologies says:

“While the built in Contacts Application address book works, in the end, it is only, an address book. Users today need a way to seamlessly manage their contacts in conjunction with their Calendar at the bare minimum. This is what iQcontacts provides, all within an easy to use interface.”

Using iQcontacts, you'll find your contacts faster. iQcontacts has many features that make it easier and faster to find your contacts. iQcontact works with all of the latest Palm OS devices, and has been optimized for the Treo and Centro.

Finally! The features you need are on cue and within reach with iQcontacts!


  • Recent Contacts - Always at the Top of Your List
  • Smart Lookup - The Fastest Way to Find a Contact
  • Reminders - Know Who to Call and When
  • Calendar - Create Appointments Directly from iQcontacts
  • Stylus Free Lookup - Easy Large Onscreen Buttons
  • Pop-Up Activation - Always Come Back to Where You Started
  • Recall New Info - Jog Your Memory Quickly
  • User Defined Search - For the Power User

I downloaded the trial of iQcontacts on my Centro and I like it! It does make finding contacts easier. The Smart Lookup is really fast. Below is a screenshot of iQcontacts on my Centro.

I tested the Smart Lookup to find my eye doctor. I typed in the first couple of letters, "g" and "r", and iQcontacts went straight to Graystone Ophthalmology.

See that little alarm clock in the screenshot above? When I clicked on that, it brought up a reminder/appointment box where I could jot down an appointment and have an alarm set to remind me of the appointment. Pretty nifty! I didn't set an appointment yet though since I need to call the eye doctor first.

You can get iQcontacts here for $19.95.

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