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iPhones Cracked Too

Thu Nov 20, 2008 - 11:40 AM EST - By Jay Gross

The Treo Pro isn't the only high-profile smartphone with cracks in its case. Apple is being sued over hairline cracks in iPhone 3G's casings.

"Although Apple was and is aware that the iPhones were and are defective, and that consumers have experienced repeated instances of cracked housing, Apple has nevertheless allowed the defectively designed iPhones to be sold to the public," the suit says, among other complaints.

There isn't much people won't sue about these days, and I generally translate "class action lawsuit" as "lawyer fee motivated enterprise unrelated to actual consumer concern." But there you have it. I don't have a Treo Pro to complain about, so I'm talking out of turn. I was sure steamed about Palm's failure to support my Treo 700p, but I lucked out and the mega-tardy Maintenance Release for Sprint didn't "brick" my device and actually fixed the biggest bugs. I'd sure be mad if I spotted cracks, though, hairline or otherwise.

Customers shouldn't have to sue to get attention, or to get replacements for defective products. Problems occur, often unpredictably, and an honorable company should address them quickly and honestly. Okay, I'm old-fashioned. Also, pigs should sprout wings, and the check is definitely in the mail.

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