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Spb Wireless Monitor 3.0 for WM Treos

Thu Nov 20, 2008 - 5:25 PM EST - By Neal Martin

Hey folks, are you like me and wonder just WHERE did you spend ALL that money on when it comes to data charges? Wow!

Well, Spb has just the answer you need! With their Wireless Monitor 3.0, Spb gives subscribers control over their mobile data spending by measuring data traffic, calculating the network charges, warning of costly data usage, and reporting which application exactly generates what kind of data traffic!

In 2002, Spb GPRS Monitor accounted for the lack of a built-in data tracking tool in Windows Mobile devices. A four-time prize winner in the Smartphone and Pocket PC magazine's Best Software Awards, shipped in over a dozen devices by ASUS, HTC, O2, Samsung, and T-Mobile, the Spb Wireless Monitor has over 3,000,000 loyal customers worldwide. Now known as Wireless Monitor 3.0, it comes with massive enhancements in features and abilities.

New in version 3.0:

  • Per Application Traffic and Cost Reports
    Detailed traffic per application or time-based reports can be viewed on screen or exported as CSV files
  • More Connections Supported
    CDMA, GPRS, 3G, and even Wi-Fi and USB connections supported
  • Peak and Off-peak Tariffs Support
    Some data plans offer different tariffs for peak and off-peak hours, Spb Wireless Monitor 3.0 accounts for that
  • Excessive Data Use Alarms
    Set as many excessive data use warnings as you want, to avoid unwanted data charges
  • Modern Multilingual User Interface
    One-handed navigation, adaptive skins, for touch and non-touch screen devices

Spb Wireless Monitor is compatible with Windows Mobile 5.0 and higher, Professional and Standard devices. All Windows Mobile screen resolutions are supported. A free, 15-day trial can be downloaded, or Spb Wireless Monitor 3.0 may be purchased for $19.95. 2.x users can upgrade to 3.0 for $9.95 at Spb Software House.

According to Spb Software upgrades policy, all Spb Wireless Monitor users, who have purchased the product within the last 90 days, are invited to exchange the previous version of software for the newly released one, for free.

You can get Spb Wireless Monitor here for $19.95.

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