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Treo Software Roundup - v112108

Fri Nov 21, 2008 - 3:32 AM EST - By Neal Martin

Palm OS

Welcome to this week's software roundup! Let's round' em up and see what's new and updated this time around...

Palm OS New:

NetWalk for Palm OS v2.2

After the big success of NetWalk, BEIKS received tons of letters with requests to continue and enhance the game. Most were asking for more puzzles, some for ability to create their own ones and some for help with the bonus puzzle. Here it is, NetWalk II, the answer to your prayers!

There will be a lot of newcomers, though, which deserve to learn a bit more about the game. The old friends can simply go to the download page and get their updates or new levels. Free!

In NetWalk, your task is to set order in a disconnected world and get every computer connected to a server. You can dynamically see how the signal spreads along the net when you adjust the connection cables by rotating them. Sounds easy...and it's actually not that hard indeed...except sometimes. People like sometimes.


  • Original and addictive puzzle game
  • Winner of Best Puzzle of 2003 award
  • Now loads many puzzle sets!

Minimum Requirements:

  • Palm OS 3.5 or higher

Get it here for $10.00.

BEIKS Bouvier's Law Dictionary for Palm OS v6.0

The Bouvier's law dictionary for mobile devices, by BEIKS, is based on the sixth edition (1856) of John Bouvier's law dictionary.

This is a classic reference material for students and legal professionals, but can also be of interest to all information junkies!

With over 6,500 legal terms, intuitive interface and - not to be forgotten - easy portability to other mobile platforms, this is an offer you simply shouldn't resist!

Best of all, you do not have to take our words for it! Download and try it now!


  • Complete definitions of over 6,500 legal terms
  • Excellent data compression
  • Expandable with the huge selection of other BEIKS Dictionary Reader compatible dictionaries.
  • Download availability online
  • Free software updates

Minimum Requirements:

  • Palm OS 5.0 or higher

Get it here for $14.95.

PocketMac GoBetween for MeetingMaker v4.0

Let's be honest...even as great as Apple's iSync (Sync Services) is, it's limited. If you have an iPhone or any of the other devices it supports and you want to sync using Apple's native OS X Address Book or iCal, you're all set. However, if you depend on Meeting Maker for your contacts, calendars & tasks, you were stuck...until now.

That's why Information Appliance Associates created PocketMac® GoBetween™ for Meeting Maker. It's the first program to sync Meeting Maker data to the iPhone or any and all devices supported by Apple. This means that you can finally have your data fully supported & synched to your favorite devices.

When you're ready to sync, launch PocketMac GoBetween for Meeting Maker. It will sync all of your Meeting Maker data to iCal and Address Book. Then run iSync to sync iCal and Address Book to your device. Then you're all set! It's just that simple!!

What's more, this is a completely 2-way sync. If you make a change to data on your device, it will be synched toMeeting Maker every type you run a sync with PocketMac GoBetween for Meeting Maker.

And...it's safe for your data. This software has been tested, re-tested and then tested again for over a year to make sure your data was being routed perfectly! And now it's ready to run on your Mac!

Installing this software will take you 3 minutes and configuring PocketMac GoBetween for Meeting Maker for synchronizing with your Meeting Maker server is a breeze! All you need is is your:

  • Name
  • Password
  • Server Name
  • IP Address


  • How PocketMac GoBetween for Meeting Maker works...
  • You run GoBetween for Meeting Maker
  • You run iSync; iSync syncs iCal & OS X Address Book

Get it here for $24.95!

Palm OS Updated:

Power Hero BETA

Hobbyist Software has updated its Power Hero to 1.25 BETA!

Power Hero helps you to get the best out of your Battery!

Console -Instantly see and control the main power drains on your Treo
Schedule - Set your Treo's functions to be on only when you need them
Save - Automatically turn off power draining features after you have finished using them
Auto Bluetooth - turn your Bluetooth on automatically when your call arrives!
Shortcuts - use the free shortcut applications to control features from your launcher


  • Instantly see the status of the power-using features of your device.
  • Instantly turn features on and off (like Bluetooth, Network, Phone, Infrared)
  • Easily schedule when features should turn themselves on and off.
  • Power Hero has a very flexible scheduling system which is also remarkably easy to use.
  • You can control all the power-draining features on your Treo and set up schedules as simple or as complex as you like.
  • Turn features off when you are done with them...
  • It is as if Power Hero turns the light off for you when you leave the room!
  • When you use the internet, the application will automatically make a network connection. Normally that connection would be left on indefinitely. Power Hero lets you turn it off automatically a few minutes after you turn off your Treo.
  • A series of free 'Shortcut Applications' are available for you to easily control the power-using features on your Treo directly from your launcher.

BETA 1.25 includes many new features/improvements, a few of which are:

  • Added Screen auto-off power item (aka the "Auto-off after" Palm preference). Controllable through main screen, console, and schedule.
  • Added option to Power Saver Auto-off tab to "Allow auto-off while applications run in the background"
  • Added ability to configure # of days used to estimate remaining battery. "Usage Info" button -> "Usage" menu -> "Preferences..."
  • Added ability to clear usage history. "Usage Info" button -> "Usage" menu -> "Clear usage history"
  • Added shortcut keys (denoted by underline) to power item buttons on main screen and console.

Rob works hard to improve his apps, so support him and help him keep up the good work!

Get it here and registration is $14.95!

My Little Tank for Palm OS

Astraware has updated its My Little Tank for to version 1.10.

My Little Tank is a fun arcade-style blaster offering hours of miniature tank mayhem!

My Little Tank is a fun arcade blaster in which players can navigate through the original 60, and now 20 additional, action-packed, increasingly challenging levels as they shoot enemy tanks, defend their base, and destroy enemy radar stations and bases. Lovingly crafted miniature terrains include snow, swamp, plains, and deserts. The game also includes a range of power-ups to aid players in winning each mission. As levels progress, tougher enemies will appear that require more than one shot or more effective weapons.

As you carry out each mission a range of powerups will appear to aid your progress including Smart Bombs that destroy all tanks in the vicinity; Life bonuses to regenerate your tank; Speed to make your tank go faster; Invincibility to protect your tank against the enemy; Weapons upgrades; and Freeze bonuses to halt the enemy tanks and make them easier to blast!

Who'd have thought playing with tanks could be so much fun? You can even choose what color tank to play with!


  • 80 exciting missions
  • 5 different enemy tank types
  • 6 types of power up to aid in your battle
  • Destroyable scenery!
  • 7 customizable tank colors (Registered users only)
  • Supports hi-res (320x320) and hi-res (320x480 and 480x320) Palm OS devices

Get it here for $9.95!

Bubble Pop

Bapsoft, LLC has updated its Bubble Pop to version 2.0!

Bubble Pop is a colorful puzzle game that you won't be able to put down! Try to empty the bubble tank by popping bubbles in groups of three or more. You'll have to be quick to complete each level before your time runs out! For the ultimate in bubble-popping fun, you've got to try Bubble Pop!


  • Superb graphics!
  • Highly addictive game play!
  • Auto-save feature allows you to return to a puzzle at a later time.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Palm OS5 HiRes

This game looks like a higher resolution version of a game I play on my Treo 750 called Bubble Breaker and also reminds me of Collapse for the PC - both of which are decent games!

Get it here for $14.95!

2009 Astrology & Horoscopes Pro

CrazySoft has updated its 2009 Astrology & Horoscopes to version 1.3.

Matchmaker by Sing:
The stars can provide much insight about ourselves, including how, when, and with whom we are most likely to fall in love. Of course, astrology is not destiny, so while the one you love may not be a "classic" match for you in astrological terms, that doesn't mean all is lost. By understanding the universal forces that attract you to your lover, you can learn how to make any relationship work, and better understand your own self in the process.

Horoscopes 2009:
What's in the stars for you in 2009? Astrology & Horoscope Pro has the scoop on everything from professional developments to romantic interludes to the general trends of your life! Find out when you should ask for that raise, lift your ban on blind dates or start planning for a visit to faraway lands.

Zodiac Signs:
Welcome to the fascinating world of astrology and horoscopes! For years, decades and centuries human-kind has turned to the heavens for answers and guidance in their lives! This program area covers all details about your sign as: Love, Health, Likes/Dislikes, Problems/Solutions, Planet ruling, your animal, color of choice, starstone, famous persons with your sign etc.

Numerology 2009:
Numerology is a key to your inner self. All numbers based on your date of birth reflect influences and events related to the momentum of your life. Think of their effect on your life as similar to the weather and the landscape you travel through -- the Path of Your Life. The influences are enormously important. In fact, the most important number in your chart -- the Life Path number -- is based on your date of birth. And yet, the power of these numbers is felt as almost "external" -- most of them affect you only for periods in your life (cycles) or are overcome after you reach a certain age (Challenges). Even your Life Path number is a cycle; it is the longest cycle of your life.


  • Run on the newest and the old Windows Mobile smartphones.
  • Horizontal resolutions supported.
  • Windows Mobile smartphones WM6 & WM5 fully supported.

Hmm.. this is for 2009 and already updated? Maybe the program foretold something important and they changed it and updated it! Hehe!

Get it here for $16.95!

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