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Palm EOL's Treo 680 and Various Accessories

Wed Nov 26, 2008 - 3:04 PM EST - By Jennifer Chappell

Dieter reported back in September that the Palm Treo 680 was going to be officially discontinued on AT&T's network.

Today Palm Infocenter is reporting that this month's Palm Channelsource newsletter for its reseller partners has a large list of Palm peripherals now classified as having reached end-of-life status. The newsletter makes the Treo 680 EOL status official.

Looks like Palm's GPS Navigator by Garmin kit has also joined the EOL ranks. According to PIC, the Garmin powered Palm GPS Navigator Kit was Palm's only branded GPS solution that is officially listed as compatible with the Centro.

Below is the full list of Palm EOL announcements:

  • 1048NA Palm Treo 680 Smartphone (Generic)
  • P10950U Palm Care for Handhelds
  • 3291WW Palm Vehicle Power Adapter for Treo 800w
  • 3262WW Palm GPS Navigator Car Kit for Treo 680 and Treo 700p
  • 3380NA Palm GPS Navigator featuring Garmin
  • 3264WW Sudoku Deluxe CD
  • 3358WW 1 GB MicroSD Expansion Card with SD adaptor
  • 3359WW 2GB MicroSD Expansion Card with SD adaptor
  • 3360WW 4GB MicroSD Expansion Card with SD adaptor
  • 3294WW Advanced Brain Trainer

Hmmm, also among the EOL'd is the Palml Care extended warranty kit, which PIC says is an extension of the retail warranty on a Palm handheld alongside a one-time screen replacement. Does this signal an imminent EOL notice of Palm's remaining handheld models?

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