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The next generation Treo out this fall

Wed Apr 16, 2003 - 9:32 AM EDT - By Marcus Adolfsson

Handspring during yesterday’s conference call dropped several hints on their next generation Treo. According to Dubinsky, the new Treo will be a Palm OS 5 ARM based product that is differentiated from current models and is more phone oriented.

"We've been working with Sprint on our mutual plans for a major new product expected this fall,“ Dubinsky said.

There will be both a GSM and CDMA version available, as both Sprint and Orange (large GSM provider in Europe) are strategic carriers. Orange will market and support the product in a fashion similar to Sprint, and have made a significant purchase commitment for the product.

As with the current generation Treo’s, It is likely that the GSM product will be available first. Handspring expects initial product shipment in the Q3 (July through September) time range, and the Sprint version in Q4 (October through December). Limited quantities will be available at first, but full scale manufacturing should be in effect towards the end of the year.

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