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Your Treo is that Fast? Wow!

Thu Apr 17, 2003 - 4:21 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker


So, is it all really worth it? In my opinion with the low cost for the Treo 300 ($149 for new users), and the fast cheap service, that anyone who seriously wants always on data for the Treo should drop their existing contract and go with the Treo 300. Say you use 13 MB a month. In one year, you would spend $120 on Sprint Vision. That same plan would run up to $600 a year on Cingular. This is more than the cost of the Treo and the fees for breaking your contract with your existing service provider put together! GPRS is not a viable economic option for anyone who seriously uses data.

The small 1 MB, or 2 MB plans that GPRS providers offer run out quickly on the Treo if you use email and web browsing. With software such as SnapperMail that can automatically dial and check your email through out the day at a much cheaper cost, it doesn't make since to me why people would pay for GPRS usage on the Treo - CSD is slow, but for anyone who has a large plan to take minutes from, and an existing ISP it is almost free. If you don't have a large plan, it might make since to use GPRS - but again, how much are you using? If GPRS was $10 a month unlimited, I don't think we would see a problem even with the slower than Sprint Vision speeds. But providers have unreasonably put a high price on it, making it inaccessible, and uneconomical to use.

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