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Treo Software Roundup - v120508

Fri Dec 5, 2008 - 5:35 PM EST - By Neal Martin

Palm OS

Palm OS New:

Bag & Luggage v4.0

Bag & Luggage, by ieosoft, is a program to help you double check your items inside traveler bag/luggage before you go on vacation.


  • Simple user interface
  • Unlimited categories for travel/business/personal trip
  • Hold up to 45 items per bag/luggage
  • Unlimited usage on the checking and marking

Minimum Requirements:

  • Requires Palm OS 3.5 or above and 184KB of Available RAM

Get Bag & Luggage here for $6.99!

Egyptian Enigma v1.0

Egyptian Engima, by Handcase, is a game of logic. As an Egyptologist, inside the pyramid you find a board of enigmas. You need to move the pieces with hieroglyphs to withdraw from the pyramid the Eye of Horus. They are 6 timed levels. It may seem easy, but it's not. It's a logic challenge and requires much patience! For Palm color. Handcase members can use the GameScore to organize all your moves for any type of game - including our games, console, arcade, pc or web games!


  • 6 timed levels
  • Handcase members can use the GameScore to organize all your moves for any type of game

Minimum Requirements:

  • PalmOS 3.5

From what I can tell about this game, with the broken English I've tried to decipher for you - you move the tiles around to form completed pictures, which allows you to exit the current puzzle and move on to the next. The graphics appear to be quite nice, so give it a shot!

Get Egyptian Enigma here for $10.00!

BEIKS Bouvier's Law Dictionary for Palm OS v6.0

The Bouvier's law dictionary for mobile devices, by BEIKS, is based on the sixth edition (1856) of John Bouvier's law dictionary.

This is a classic reference material for students and legal professionals, but can also be of interest to all information junkies.

With over 6,500 legal terms, intuitive interface and - not to be forgotten - easy portability to other mobile platforms, this is an offer you simply shouldn't resist!

Best of all, you do not have to take our words for it! Download and TRY it now!


  • Complete definitions of over 6,500 legal terms
  • Excellent data compression
  • Expandable with the huge selection of other BEIKS Dictionary Reader compatible dictionaries.
  • Download availability online
  • Free software updates

Law students and legal professionals alike - get this classic reference material today! Information junkies, I'm sure there's plenty of information available, including over 6,500 legal terms!

Get it here for $14.95!

Consultant v1.0

Check out Consultant, by Handcase!

When it comes to organizing groups, you could choose to sort them by suppliers, customers, partners, prospects, employees, subcontractors, etc. Your agenda includes undertakings or activities with groups or individuals in the group. Set reminders, with date and time with warning beeps (beep of palm) and visual (Palm powering on and giving you visual reminders). Prepares reports linking the group to each person.


  • 6 tools
  • Briefing tool
  • Brainstorming tool
  • Analysis tool

Minimum Requirements:

  • PalmOS 3.5

Get Consultant here for $17.00!

Palm OS Updated:


MetalViewSoft has updated its WintecTool to version 2.4!

WintecTool is your mobile companion for everything related to GPS logs. It directly supports two of the most common bluetooth GPS track loggers: Wintec's WBT-201 (aka G-Rays 2) and Royaltek's RBT-2300.

You can also import any track log in the common NMEA format.

WintecTool allows you to view graphs of height, speed or distances from your track log. You can browse a list of track log points and even view it on a map. In each view you are able to remove false points from your track log.

Maps are provided online thanks to the OpenStreetMap project. WintecTool uses the PNGLib to display maps.

Additionally, WintecTool can export the tracks into other formats: gpx, pathAway or html (Google Maps) for sharing with your friends.

Please test it before you buy it. You can test it for 14 days.


  • supports Wintec WBT 201
  • supports Royaltek RT 2300
  • supports NMEA logs
  • View the current log settings
  • Adjust log settings
  • Export log to memory card
  • Clear old position log
  • Works better on Treo 650 now
  • Works with Wintec 200 (only log export)
  • Lists all exported logs and tracks (Path: /PALM/Programs/WintecTool/)
  • Export to PathAway, Gpx and Google Maps (html)
  • Detailed readme in German-language included (thanks to Thomas Reinel)
  • View tracks on a map directly on your device (by OpenStreetMap)

Get WintecTool here for $12.95!


Alex Pruss has updated his FontSmoother to version 2.35!

Is the default font on your PDA not smooth or readable enough? Or maybe you would like fonts that are bigger... or smaller but still very legible? Perhaps using italics would look cool? Or do you have a favorite Windows font you want to use on your PDA? Make your ebook reader, browser and other applications look better than ever!

Smoothed fonts (antialiased fonts) decrease font "jagginess". FontSmoother lets you use smooth fonts in almost all applications on your hi-res OS 5 PDA (but not lo-res devices like Treo 600 or some Zires). FontSmoother includes over two dozen free smooth font packages (and even two Cyrillic / Russian ones, and two Polish ones) and you can convert Windows TrueType fonts with the free EasyConvert utility.

There is a free 8 day trial, after which all smooth fonts default to their non-smooth versions until registration is completed. However, after the 8 days, font smoothing should remain in effect for free in the following applications PalmBible , BibleThumper, Bible Explorer with You, Bible with You, OliveTree Bible Reader, Concordance with You, myBible, BibleReadme, Universalis Liturgy of the Hours, and Virtual Rosary.

And of course, you get free upgrades for the life of the product!


  • Use smooth fonts.
  • Use different fonts in different applications.
  • Make your own fonts out of Windows TrueType fonts (if your font license allows this).
  • Compatible with the latest version of Fonts4OS5, FontHackV or FontSubst, but can be used on its own.

This program sounds very interesting to me! I can't tell you how many times I've mentally complained about how jagged looking some of the fonts on my mobile device(s) look. With a free, 8-day trial, I guess you have nothing to lose!

Get FontSmoother here for $12.95!!

*NEW* DVD Catalyst 3.7 : Faster DVD & Video conversions for any device.

A3VS has updated its DVD Catalyst to version 3.71!

Watch movies & TV shows anytime, anywhere


  • Convert TV & Movie DVDs as well as video files to play on video devices such as iPhone, iPod, PocketPC, Smartphone, PSP, XBOX, Zen, Zune etc.
  • Works with multi-angle DVDs
  • Offers scene-selection as well as scene-based file splitting
  • Include subtitles, manually or automatically
  • Can include Closed Captions
  • Automatically remove black bars to play full-screen on your player
  • Freely adjustable quality, audio, video, framerate, brightness, contrast, volume
  • Easy to use, simple 1-click interface. select your device, insert dvd, click go
  • All the options you want, and more. 0-click fully automatic mode, monitor folders, drag&drop, auto-detect/eject DVDs etc
  • Transparent batching. Convert multiple DVDs and/or video files with a single click.
  • Multi-device. Add different devices to a profile, and everything will be converted for all devices
  • Unrestricted 7-day trial. No limitations.
  • Detailed 80 page manual included
  • NEW: Faster DVD conversions.

I've heard nothing but good things about this program!

Get it here for $19.95!

LSL Dominoes

Lakshmi Solutions LLC has updated its LSL Dominoes to version 3.1!

The classic game LSL Dominoes from Lakshmi Solutions LLC. Now, you can play this classic game in your PDA by yourself or with 3 more players.

Don't waste your time - start playing LSL Dominoes! Also, look for LSL BlackJack by Lakshmi Solutions LLC.


  • Now, you can play this classic game in your PDA by yourself or with 3 more players. LSL Dominoes will allow up to 4 players per game, either real human players or computer-simulated players (John, Dave, Tony and/or Jean).
  • Configure the game according to your preferences by selecting the players of each game, enabling players commentaries, selecting the domino set to use (black or white), the board or screen size (Normal, Normal with Text, or Large size), the colors of the game board and background.
  • Analyze the game and your opponents by getting statistics at each play of the game (dominoes at the graveyard, dominoes left per player and number of points), and by using the game log.
  • Play multiple games and keep track of the score by looking at the number of wins per player, and by looking at points based on a greater number or lower number counts.
  • The Game contains Help features instructing the novice player on the Basic Rules of the Game, how to configure players, the game, and how to understand the statistics.

Get it here for only $5.95!

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