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Round Robin: TreoCentral on the T-Mobile G1

Mon Dec 8, 2008 - 11:09 AM EST - By Jennifer Chappell


Welcome back to the Smartphone Round Robin! I'm in round 3 and this time I have the T-Mobile G1. The G1 isn't the slickest looking smartphone around, and the curved chin at the bottom is just strange looking. But the 320 x 480 capacitive touchscreen and the great user interface make up for that. I love the screen! I found scrolling up and down with my finger much easier than it was on the Fuze. But then again, I also had some lag when pressing an app. Many times I had to press an app two or more times as you'll see in the video.

I like the trackball on the G1, and it makes me think of the Bold. I actually haven't had to use the trackball too much though since the G1 has a touchscreen. I found that I used the trackball the most whenever surfing the Internet, scrolling up and down web pages. The trackball is quick and smooth so I enjoyed using it.

I apologize ahead of time for the stopping and starting in the video. I had way more than the 10 minute time limit and had to cut it down quite a bit. I had a hard time deciding which parts to cut out. And as always, I'm nervous and stammer quite a bit. I wish I could be cool and quick like the other editors.

One of the parts I cut out to stay within the time limit was about the camera. I was very disappointed with the quality of the photos. No matter what type of lighting I was in, the photos always came out grainy and washed out. I was very surprised since the G1 has a 3.2 megapixel camera. I saw no options to change, so I don't know what the problem is. My Centro takes better pictures than what I've been getting with the G1. I also find the camera button on the right side of the G1 to be difficult to press.

The keyboard layout is great but I have a very hard time seeing the keys. I've read that the keys on the Black G1 are much easier to see. That's good to know. If I were to ever buy a G1, I'd certainly go for the Black model.

Head on over to the Round Robin contest thread and chime in so you'll be entered for your chance to win!

You can discuss this video review here in our forum threads for your chance to win! Good luck everyone! ;-)

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