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Treo Software Roundup - v121208

Fri Dec 12, 2008 - 9:49 AM EST - By Neal Martin

Palm OS

Palm OS New:

BEIKS German-English Dictionary for Palm OS v6.0

Jetzt sprechen Sie Englisch!

The comprehensive and carefully selected German to English dictionary, by BEIKS, is an excellent choice for German travelers visiting English speaking countries or German students learning English. The full dictionary version provides English translations to over 36,000 German headwords.


  • Over 50,000 English translations to about 36,000 German words
  • Excellent data compression
  • Expandable with the huge selection of other BEIKS Dictionary Reader compatible dictionaries.
  • Download availability online
  • Free software updates

Get it here for $12.00!

The Book of Mormon v1.0

Introducing PearMobile Ltd's The Book of Mormon v1.0.

The Book of Mormon was first published in March 1830 by Joseph Smith, Jr. The book was translated from an unknown language known as Reformed Egyptian. The original texts were written on golden plates that Joseph Smith was said to be discovered in 1823 with the help of an angel named Moroni. PearMobile suggests the electronic version of this book and we believe that using it will be as comfortable as the paper ones. Easy and comfortable interface will help you to move from one chapter to another without any difficulties. Mormon holidays up to 2012 are also included in the special part of the program. Enjoy it.


  • 15 books of The Book of Mormon are available
  • 113 chapters
  • Religion holidays up to 2012
  • Each holiday has a description
  • Available exporting chapters and holidays into Memo (Memos) and DateBook (Calendar)
  • Simple and user friendly interface

Get it here for only $4.95.

PowerMan v3.0

PowerMan, by WISH Solutions, allows you to configure your Palm to conserve battery power and to suit all situations. Automatically adjust brightness, keylight, phone radio, Bluetooth, control volume/vibrate mode and etc. on your Palm with the 'Auto Profile Switching' feature. Set your Palm for up to 8 profiles and select name to identify, such as 'Meeting', 'Outdoor', 'Game', etc. Use your Treo/Centro camera as ambient light sensor to automatically adjust the screen brightness and keyboard backlight. Uses LED alert as notification for missed call/SMS without turning on your phone.


  • Customizable Profile - Easy to use and well organized profiling entry.
  • Auto Profile Switching (APS) - Preset to automatically switch between profiles at multiple/weekly scheduled time.
  • Temporary Profile - Allows you to use 'Temporary Profile' while in APS mode.
  • General Settings - Control brightness, auto power off, stay on while in cradle mode, keylight and keyguard settings.
  • System Alert Settings - Set system, game, alarm volume and LED / vibrate alert settings.
  • Phone Settings - Configure phone radio power, ringing / SMS volume and vibrate settings.
  • Wireless Settings - Ability to toggle Bluetooth radio, infrared and preset networking settings.
  • Power On Notifier - Shows you the current active profile everytime you turn on your Palm.
  • Missed Call/SMS LED Indicator - Notification for missed call/SMS without turning on your phone.
  • Auto Dim Screen - Save additional battery power by automatically dimming the display.
  • Auto Brightness - Use your Treo/Centro camera as ambient light sensor to automatically adjust the screen brightness and keyboard backlight.
  • Note: This application is not designed to run from SD card.

This program sounds like it really allows you to 'personalize' your device! Why not pick it up and make your device "yours"?

Get it here for $12.95!

BEIKS Deutsch <-> Französisch Wörterbuch für Palm OS v6.0

Deutsch <-> Französisch Wörterbuch für Palm OS v6.0, by BEIKS, is the comprehensive and carefully selected German-French-German Dictionary for Palm OS with words from mostly all areas of the day life. It is an excellent choice for travelers and students. Translations of some words also provide samples and forms.


  • French to German dictionary provides German translations to 12,000 French headwords in 292kB
  • German to French dictionary provides French translations to about 40,000 German headwords in 232kB
  • Excellent data compression
  • Expandable with the huge selection of other BEIKS Dictionary Reader compatible dictionaries.
  • Download availability online

Get it here for $19.95!

Palm OS Updated:

Resco Explorer 2009 for Palm OS

Resco has updated its Explorer 2009 for Palm OS to version 5.01!

File manager, zipper, viewer, launcher, backup tool, ftp, bluetooth and network explorer in one product. You get in one package handset of tools that used to be scattered in various applications.

One of the best features of the Explorer is its customizability. The users may choose between one- or two-panel modes, horizontal or vertical layout and setup other display aspects. Note also the possibility of the one-handed control and the support of all common devices and resolutions.

Since v4.10 Explorer supports Firefox-like Tabs and touch scrolling.


  • The File Manager is the heart of the Explorer. It is stable and efficient and it provides a comfortable way for file operations such as copying, moving, deleting, renaming, etc. It offers many enhanced functions such as drag&drop, copy&paste, multi-selection, RAM/card conversions, powerful sorting, searching and filtering.
  • The zipper is integrated fully transparently into the Explorer. A zip archive is like a folder that just happens to take less space. You can even start zipped apps or preview zipped images.
  • Secure encryption (AES) is part of the zipper enabling thus protection of the whole data folders.
  • Explorer allows to start the applications stored in RAM, on the card or even in the zip archives. Moreover, by tapping suitable file (image, eBook, Word document, mp3...) you can launch the associated application. Editor of the associations is available, too.
  • Lists Palm applications grouped by the traditional Palm categories. You can find here each application with conveniently grouped resources — files and databases.
  • Integrates more enhanced features such as editors of the preferences, file associations or alarms as well as the additional system information.
  • A simple fast viewer providing full-screen image preview. Displays jpg/bmp/gif images and images produced by Clie and Zire cameras. Enables direct image preview from the zip archives. Alternatively the external viewers can be employed.
  • Txt files offer the easiest way how to share the information with the non-Palm world. Text files can be beamed, hotsynced, created and finally edited either with the built-in memopad or using the hex editor.
  • Backup: For those who need just manual backup, Explorer 2007 offers a multi-backup solution with fast compression, incremental backup, encryption, sorting and filtering and with open zip format. Unique feature is the backup verification.
  • RAM Analyzer: Explorer offers structured folder view of the RAM with the databases sorted into reasonably defined folders. Ideal for PDA cleaning.
  • FTP explorer allows access to the web ftp servers. Explorer 2007 presents remote resources just like another card.
  • If you can connect to a PC, then you get the same type access to your LAN drives.
  • Explorer serves as an ideal fron-end for VPN clients.
  • FTP starters may use free FTP account at the DriveHQ hosting service.
  • -:-
  • Ability to browse over Bluetooth Nokia phones, PC's etc.
  • Zip installer contains Blue FTP server that enables browsing your Palm PDA from another device.
  • Streaming mp3 player can play songs over the network.
  • Secure storage will safely store documents, images etc. Direct editing possible.
  • Tab interface, touch scrolling, improved launcher, favorites...

Fellow writer Andre Kibbe reviewed Resco Explorer a few months back and found:

Resco's main strength is the value it offers for the price. BackupBuddyVFS Pro alone costs nearly as much as Explorer, and the other utilities that have free equivalents, like the file manager or the FTP client, are far more robust. I especially love the http download tool.

Read his whole review while you're there!

Get it here for $29.95!

Shopping List Deluxe

Lakshmi Solutions LLC has updated its Shopping List Deluxe to version 4.0s4.

Shopping List 4.0 Shopping List will help you to organize, plan and manage the different items that you need to buy.

Look for Lakshmi Solutions Drinking Cooking and Shopping Suite which includes the Shopping List, eQuickRecipes and eDrinksMixn.


  • No longer need to use paper notes that can be lost in any store or thrown away by mistake, the application will not only maintain the list of items you need to purchase but will also help you calculate the total amount you are about to expend at the store.
  • Using Shopping List, you can organize the items you intend to buy by categories and by store. These two types of filters are defined by you, using words that will make sense to you and will help you to search for these items faster. Also to customize the Shopping List to your style, you can now select the schema of colors of your choice.
  • Shopping List also includes a Shopping History screen. This way you do not have to type old items again, you can just select them from your history and added to your current list. This latest version has enhanced filtering features and easier tools to manipulate all information on your list (items in your shopping list or items already in your cart).
  • The Deluxe version includes a PC companion, very similar to the software on the Mobile Device, which will facilitate data entry on the PC. From PC companion the user can export the shopping list to a text file for printing or to excel as a CSV file. You can also sync your data from the PC to your Mobile Device and vice versa to maintain your data consistent.
  • The application contains Help features describing each screen.

Get it here for $9.99!

CorePlayer Mobile for PalmOS

CoreCodec, Inc. has updated its CorePlayer Mobile for PalmOS to 1.3.0!!

CorePlayer Mobile is at the center of the CoreCodec Universe for playing multimedia on your mobile phone, portable media players, PDA, GPS or convergence device. CorePlayer is truly the next-generation in multimedia playback. Its simple yet powerful interface and advanced features is designed to empower the CoreCodec community.

See why the Chicago Suntimes times says that it, "actually has a user interface designed with bipeds in mind" and why companies like Joost are using CorePlayer technology!


  • YouTube support, with built-in browse and search
  • BlueTooth Stereo (A2DP) and Remote Control (AVRCP) support
  • Programmable Hotkeys
  • Supports over 22 Languages
  • Media library (Manage your RSS Feeds, playlists, podcasts, bookmarks)
  • Podcast Support (Standard and Enhanced)
  • Streaming support (HTTP, UDP, RTP, RTSP, RTCP, SDP, Unicast, Multicast)
  • IPTV Ready
  • Video: CoreAVC (H.264), AVCHD, MKV, MPEG-1, MPEG-4 part 2 (ASP), DivX, XviD, MJPEG, MSVIDEO1
  • Images: JPG (420, 422, 440), BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF
  • Containers: FLV, Matroska, ASX, ASF, TS, PS, M2TS, 3GPP, MOV, AVI, MPEG-4, NSV
  • CoreUI / Universal Skins (Custom interface)

I can't say enough good things about CoreCodec products! I use their Core Player daily and absolutely LOVE it! If you haven't tried CoreCodecs products, now would be a PERFECT time to give this one a try!

Get CorePlayer Mobile for PalmOS here for $29.95!!

PocketMirror Standard (Outlook Synchronization)

The folks at Chapura have updated PocketMirror Standard to version 4.3.1.

With PocketMirror Standard software, take Outlook information anywhere you go. Easily keep track of where you need to be and what you need to be doing. Quickly look up a phone number or a note you recorded on your handheld during a meeting. Update either one on the spot and sync it with Outlook the next time you perform a HotSync at your PC.


  • Simple, convenient, and reliable - The software is simple to install and to start using. One-button synchronization is easy, accurate and uninterrupted. The software includes a convenient Help file that gets installed on your PC and gives you answers to the most commonly asked questions starting with, "How do I...?"
  • Basic Outlook synchronization - PocketMirror Standard synchronizes Outlook Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes with the built-in handheld applications to give you the results you expect—matching information on your PC and Palm OS handheld. Carry and update basic Outlook Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes data anywhere. Edit the information once, synchronize, and PocketMirror Standard makes that edit in the other location for you.
  • PocketMirror Standard synchronizes all fields built into the Palm OS Address Book, Date Book, To Do List and Memo Pad with corresponding Outlook fields. Including up to 15 categories.

NEW in PocketMirror Standard:

  • Global Address List - Now, it's easier than ever to stay connected and send emails while away from your PC. Compose emails to your corporate contacts just as easily on your Treo 600 or other Palm OS device as you can while sitting at your PC. PocketMirror Standard transfers names and email addresses from the Global Address List to the handheld.
  • Change Outlook Default Folder - Get the information you want from Outlook onto your handheld. Synchronize your handheld with any single Outlook folder simply by setting your preferred folder to be the default folder for synchronization. This goes for Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Notes.
  • Calendar Alarms & Reminders – Have you ever been sitting at your desk and had Outlook and your handheld start beeping alarms and reminders at you? New, flexible options let you synchronize the alarms between Outlook and the handheld, keep alarms in Outlook only, or keep alarms on the handheld only. So, you get to see and hear only the alarms you really need, wherever you are.
  • Conflict Resolution – When the same item in Outlook and the handheld has been modified between synchronizations, PocketMirror Standard now lets you choose how to resolve the conflict: duplicate records, Outlook wins, or handheld wins.
  • Note Color – Using colors is an effective way to organize information in Outlook Notes. Now, for any new Note created on the handheld, PocketMirror Standard allows you to choose the color for these new Notes in Outlook.
  • Select Outlook Contact Address – Outlook holds three mailing addresses per contact (Business, Home and Other); the Palm OS Address Book holds one. Now, you can choose which mailing address in Outlook for PocketMirror Standard to transfer to the handheld.
  • Task Filtering – Don’t use up valuable space on the handheld carrying around information you don't need. Delete completed tasks from the handheld all at once, instead of synchronizing them or deleting them one by one--but still keep a record of them in Outlook. Plus, you can exclude the synchronization of tasks assigned to others so only the tasks you need are transferred to your handheld.
  • Task Priorities – Outlook Tasks and the Palm OS To Do List application offer different ways of marking an item's priority. PocketMirror Standard now lets you transfer task priorities either by Outlook priority or by the handheld priority. It's your choice.
  • New Handheld User Note – PocketMirror Standard now detects synchronization with a device with a new user name and automatically creates a new handheld user note in the PocketMirror folder without halting synchronization.
  • Microsoft Outlook 2007 - Don't skip a beat when you switch to Microsoft Outlook 2007. PocketMirror Standard is ready to synchronize with it when you are.

Get it here for $29.95!

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