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Treo "2" shown at conference

Tue May 27, 2003 - 10:07 PM EDT - By Marcus Adolfsson

The next generation Treo was shown last week at the pricey "D: All Things Digital" conference that is put on by Wall Street Journal.

According to North County Times, "Jeff Hawkins, Handspring co-founder, showed a sneak preview of a new communicator device the company is developing for its Treo line. The prototype has a slightly smaller size and brighter screen than its current Treo communicators, which combine a digital organizer with a cell phone.

Hawkins explained that Handspring incrementally reduces the size of its products to make them easier to carry, while not making them so small as to be impractical. Also, a smaller device works better as a cell phone.

A member of our discussion board, who is relaying the word of an attendee at the conference, claims it to have a "Nice form factor... like an oversize phone... no closing cover... retains the thumb keyboard... screen very nice..."

We have yet to see any FCC filings on the new device, which is not unexpected since Handspring has likely asked FCC to withheld information from the public as long as possible; the last Treo was shown on FCC’s sites months in advance.

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