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Treo Software Roundup - v122608

Fri Dec 26, 2008 - 11:44 AM EST - By Neal Martin

Windows Mobile Software

WM New:

Classic Five (5 in 1) for WM Pocket PC v1.0

Classic Five (5 in 1), by CondetSoft, is an entertainment pack application that contains 5 great classic games. The games are:

  1. Crystalloid
    Do you like Tetris? Crystalloid is an excellent Tetris like game. It consists of 50 levels. The objective of the game is to remove three or more same color crystals in any direction (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally). A special crystal in each level will help you to remove all of same crystals under it. Get 30 points per level. More levels you play, faster the crystals will fall down.
  2. Stack Match
    Stack Match is a Mahjongg like game. It comes with 1 tileset and 4 different layouts. The objective of the game is to remove as many tiles as possible and as quickly as possible. Play Stack Match by clicking on pairs of matching free tiles. A tile is free if it can slide to the left or to the right without pushing another tile. The cursor shape also indicates whether the tile is free or not. When you see two free tiles that match, click on one of them, then click on the other. They will be removed. There are some tiles that do not look the same, but will match each other anyway: The zodiac tiles match each other, and the death sign tiles match each other.
  3. Fish
    Fish is based on an old game called Shove It! It consists of 40 levels. You can save and auto load the last level you play. Each level is an addictive puzzle game where you must push corals onto targets. The objective of this game is to push all of the corals onto targets. Remember that the player can only push. It can not pull corals. If you get stuck, you will have to restart the level!
  4. Tiles Collector
    Tiles Collector is a very addictive and fun game of greed. Try to capture as many numbers as possible without boxing yourself in. The objective of the game is to eliminate as many tiles as you can until you can no longer move the target.
  5. Driving Mania
    Driving Mania is a very addictive and fun game of driving. The objective of this game is to drive the car safely without hitting other cars or other vehicles. It consists of 12 levels. Get 100 points per level. Be careful! More levels you play, faster the car will move and more crowded the traffic will be.


  • All games are built in one application (5 in 1)
  • Superb hi-color graphics and smooth animations
  • Superb sound effects
  • Levels
  • High score lists
  • User friendly interface and easy to learn

Haven't tried this one, but the games sound like hours of fun! And, at the low price of $9.99, that's less than $2.00 a game - hard to beat!!

Get it here for just $9.99!!

HotField PPC v1.01

HotField PPC, by c2matrix!! Play the arcade-style shooter game that's brilliantly rendered for your Pocket PC! Choose from options such as ship type, bombs and firing capabilities, with all-direction movement. There are six stages of gameplay with six different mega bosses to defeat. 3D elements, effects and music make this a truly addictive game that's a perfect addition to your device!


  • "bullet-time", "Fury state", amazing & addictive game system
  • 3 type of ships with 4 level major fire.
  • 6 stages, 6 mega bosses, 5 game modes.
  • Boss mode for fight with bosses.
  • Load/Save game.
  • Online top 10, one click to sync your scores to global server.
  • 1 level for free playing in the demo.
  • record your playing for replay or interchange with your friends.
  • textured and huge 3d live elements, 3D layers.
  • plenty of blended sprites.
  • background music and sound effect, volumn adjustable.

Minimum Requirements:

  • 12M free RAM

Judging by the screenshots, this game is eye candy! The ability to export your top scores to compare/compete with other players is an added incentive for getting that high score! There is a demo available, in which you can play one level - which should give you a good taste of what the game is all about and help you to decide if buying the game is for you!

Get it here for just $9.99!!

PocketClock Pro v1.0

PocketClock Pro, by Megasoft2000, is a practical solution, which provides users with a variety of tools for the effective time management.
The main application enables to display the current time, calendar and other helpful time parameters in the formats most convenient for you. The database featuring 500 cities makes it possible to learn the time worldwide. Owing to the accurate latitude and longitude data you can see these cities location on the map, as well as calculate the sunrise time and the moon phases for your current location.
PocketClock Pro is simple and functional interface enables to effectively allocate your time by dint of such modes as Alarms, Timers, Events and Stopwatch.

Device Lock & Screen Saver plug-ins make it possible to display effective clocks of various designs in the full-screen mode with the possibility of locking both the screen and buttons from the accidental pressings.

PocketClock Pro Reminder used for notifications enables to display the reminder window both in the standard variant and with the use of the full-screen clock plug-ins featuring Dismiss, Snooze and Go to buttons. MP3*, WMA*, WAV sound formats and Vibrate* function support is available.
Do you need more than that? PocketClock Pro Reminder also enables to play video files and even launch other apps by using Alarms, Timers and Events functions.

PocketClock Pro Today plug-in provides quick and handy access to all program functions and enables to adjust the current time and location in short order. Thanks to the skins support you can display Analog, Digital or City Time Clocks of various designs and sizes. You have the possibility to customize Today plug-in the way you like unchecking the functions you do not need for the optimal use of Today screen space.


  • General mode, combining Analog clock, Week number, Calendar and Passed/Remained controls
  • Digital Clock
  • Analog Clock
  • Alarms (20* programmable)
  • Timers (16 programmable)
  • Adjustable and easy-to-control Stopwatch
  • Events view to control annual, monthly, one-time events
  • World time map with the shadow displayed (day/night)
  • City Time (20* cities at a time)
  • Internet Time
  • Sunrise / Sunset
  • The Moon phases displaying
  • Time Calculator
  • Device Lock* & Screen Saver* clock plug-ins (5 plug-ins in the program distributive)
  • MP3*, WMA*, WAV and Vibrate* support
  • Status bar to control the stated tasks
  • Chime with adjustable time interval
  • QVGA (240x320) / VGA (480x640) / WQVGA(240x400) / WVGA(480x800) screen resolution support
  • Portrait and Lanscape orientation support
  • Square screen (240x240 / 320x320) display support
  • Functional Today plug-in to quickly access all program functions, including possibility of date, Analog, Digital and City Time Clocks of various design display
  • Skin support (5 skins for the basic app and 5 skins for Today plug-in in the program distributive)
  • PocketClock Pro is signed with Mobile2Market digital certificate, which assures its proper functioning on a broad range of Windows Mobile devices.

The above items marked * are options supported on Windows Mobile 5 & Windows Mobile 6 devices only.

This program has some great looking screens! The moon phases screen for example, that moon looks like you could reach out and touch it! And, some of the clock screens look quite detailed as well. With screensavers, internet time, alarms and world time map - this program looks rock-solid and is a must see!

Get it here for $19.95!!

SBSH Calendar Touch v2.0.02

Turn your device into a powerful time management system. SBSH Calendar Touch, by SBSH, is the ultimate time management application for your touch device. Packing the best tools and touch-based technologies to ensure a world-class time management solution!


  • Introducing the ultimate time management system! Enjoy innovative and compelling tools to manage your daily agenda using advanced views, category coloring and icons far beyond the ability of the default Pocket PC tools.
  • Calendar Touch offers the best innovative tools to help you organize your daily agenda using your Windows Mobile Touch device. Easily control and track your busy agenda using Calendar Touch's set of professional calendar views; Search view; Filters; Attendees notifications and much more! All tools designed especially for use with the latest Windows Mobile Touch devices!
  • Gestures
  • Calendar Touch offers cool gesture-navigation features designed to make navigation easier and more enjoyable!
  • Swipe your finger horizontally will step backwards/forward for the current view date-span (e.g. next/prev day on the Daily view, next/prev month on the Monthly view)
  • Swipe your finger upwards will jump to today's date; downwards will bring the Touch-Date-Picker control to the screen
  • Swipe your finger horizontally without releasing your press from the screen brings the Touch-Date-Spinner, an animated date-picker that will continue to cycle until you release your finger from the screen. You can move forward/backwards in larger gaps faster and with a single finger swipe on the screen!
  • Touch
  • Featuring touch-oriented design making it easy to control most Calendar Touch view features with your finger
  • Quickly navigate between different Calendar Touch views using the full screen touch buttons View Picker
  • Touch date and time pickers, easily input date and time values with a full screen large selection dialog and much more!
  • Powerful Calendar
  • Astonishing look & feel to all Views with a professional Touch styling
  • Automatically adopts current OS theme and colors, offering the best unified feel
  • Switch between all different views with a single finger touch! Easily jump between the Daily, List, Weekly, Monthly, Tasks and Search views
  • Tasks Management
  • Filter tasks view based on task status: all, overdue, active, completed, progress limited, undated and additional criterias
  • Greatly enhanced Tasks view to see more details than the default Tasks application offers
  • Sort tasks by due/start date, priority, completion and subject. Define two sub-sort levels for the Tasks view list.
  • Search Utility
  • Search your agenda for specific appointment or task items using an innovative search tool
  • Define Calendar Touch to show between 5-100 most relevant results
  • Search within up to 2 years configured time frame! Get results in a time frame of one year ago until a year ahead
  • Innovation Inside
  • Designed to take advantage of all screen resolution devices
  • Especially designed Monthly view for landscape devices displaying the preview pane on the side
  • Innovative Pop out effect on Monthly and Weekly views for easier day tracking
  • Advanced Filtering system for personally configured task and appointment view
  • Calendar Touch supports all Windows Mobile screen resolutions available

Get it here for $24.95!!

Click here to view the release note at our forums and find out more about these new icon store packages!

"From all of us at SBSH Mobile Software we wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and happy holiday season!"

WM Updated:

Efficasoft GPS Utilities for Pocket PC

Efficasoft has updated its Efficasoft GPS Utilities for Pocket PC to version 3.1.1.

Efficasoft GPS Utilities for Pocket PC is the complete mobile GPS solution for Windows Mobile Pocket PC. It's the best companion for activities such as touring, hiking, geocaching... By defining a Go To list, you can even use it as a voice driving navigator!

Fully supports Windows Mobile Pocket PC (2003, 2003SE, WM5, WM6, WM6.1), VGA (480x640) and screen rotation.

Highlights in v3:

  • Overall code optimization & restructuring
  • TTS engine support - now you can do VOICE Go To Navigation!
  • Google KML & GPX format track log
  • Auto "Start GPS" at program start up
  • and many other improvements!


  • Summarized view shows all your GPS information at a glance.
  • World map view displays your location anywhere in the world with free-scale zooming.
  • Free to use any map image (e.g. Google Earth satellite/aerial photos) for real-time moving map navigation. View your location, moving direction, track route, POI
  • NEW! The new "Go To" navigation function can guide you all the way to your destinations, there's dest. distance, TTA, direction guider, proximity alert... almost everything you want!
  • NEW! Customizable track logger can record all your movement in .csv format for later replay or analysis.
  • Digital speedometer with easy setting speed limit and sound alarm.
  • Two-mode digital compasswith destination information display.
  • NEW! Trip statistics with information like Moving Time, Trip Length, Max Speed and etc.
  • Graphical satellites state display with detailed statistics.
  • NEW! Waypoint & POI Manager and GeoPoint Editor helps you manage waypoints, POI and destinations easily.
  • Fully support GARMIN .csv POI format with 30 pre-defined POI icons.
  • NEW! Friendly interface design with night view support, switch views at single finger touches.
  • NEW! Advanced "5 Seconds Average" and "Kalman Filter" NMEA processors for high precision navigation.
  • Works with any serial, Compact Flash or Bluetooth GPS device that supports the standard NMEA0183 protocol (that's almost all GPS receivers!). Auto detects Bluetooth GPS devices.
  • Multilanguage support - English, German
  • Fully supports Windows Mobile Pocket PC (2003, 2003SE, WM5, WM6), VGA (480x640) and horizontal screen.

Get it here for $21.95!

Elecont Weather for Windows Pocket PC and Smartphone

Elecont had updated its Weather for Windows Pocket PC and Smartphones to version 1.0.772!

Elecont Weather is fast and powerful worldwide 10-day with weather alerts, hour by hour weather forecast and current weather conditions with feel like temperatures. The forecast is displayed with animated effects directly on Home/Today screen. Weather data is supplied by WSI Corp. the leader in weather-driven business solutions.


  • Detailed 10-day weather forecast for day and night.
  • Most accurate hour-by-hour weather forecast.
  • US Weather alerts (events of a severe thunderstorm, tornado, blizzard, hurricane, or other natural disasters).
  • Extended forecast descriptions.
  • Feels like temperatures (Wind chill and Heat index).
  • Current conditions with air pressure, ultra violet index, humidity and wind info.
  • Weather data is provided by WSI Corporation (the world's leading provider)
  • Animated effects on today screen with multiple icon sets.
  • Resolutions up to VGA and themes are supported.
  • Multiple home screen weather layout schemes and today screen placement.
  • 51000 world-wide locations.
  • Adding locations by city name or ZIP (for US)
  • Unlimited number of weather watching locations.
  • Auto or manual weather update.
  • Last forecast is accessible when offline.
  • 9 different unit of measurement combinations.
  • Small resource and traffic usage.
  • No subscription fees.
  • 3-day free full functional trial period.
  • English, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Romanian, Greek languages are supported
  • Compatible with Windows Mobile 2003, 5, 6.0, 6.1

This program sounds feature-filled! With a 10-day weather forecast, there should be no surprises where the weather itself is concerned! But, should there be something unseen, such as a flash flood alert, hurricane or other such alert, you'll receive it from the US Weather alert!. With animated effect on the today screen, the resolutions up to VGA should show some greatly detailed screens! There are no subscription fees and you can even try it free for 3 days, so what do you have to lose? Get it now!

Get it here, try it for 3 days and register it for only $14.95!!

Hexxagon Labs for Pocket PC

Hexxagon Labs, by Herocraft, is the amazing logic game, which contains over a dozen arenas filled with intellectual challenges where you are able to compete with computer rivals or play with your friends!

Funny chemistry, witty physics, exciting astronomy... Do you think that there are no such things on our planet? If so, you haven't play Hexxagon Labs yet! Just drop in to the most unusual laboratory in the world and test the power of your mind! This amusing tactical logic game includes 17 original hard-to-solve levels. The goal of the game in each level is to occupy as many cells on a field as possible, capturing pieces of an enemy. Your rivals will be the best American and European professors whose brains were implanted in the game's artificial intellect system. You also will have an opportunity to play Hexxagon Labs with one or two friends using only one device!

Before every level you will receive new astonishing scientific information giving you the opportunity, when you have the chance, to show off your erudition and amaze acquaintances by your knowledge.

The more you play Hexxagon Labs, the smarter you will become!


  • Play with one or two friends
  • 17 complicated levels / 3 bonus tutorial levels
  • 3 game modes
  • Original set of amusing facts from the scientific world
  • Stylish music
  • Attractive and bright graphics

Want to see the game in action? Head to here and click on the movie camera icon below the games main graphic! Looks very intersting!!Get it here for $14.96!!

Panoramic Calc Pro

Panoramic Software Inc has updated its Calc Pro to version 2.0.8!

Panoramic Calc Pro offers more power, more features and the most accuracy than any other mobile calculator! With 10 powerful calculators and 10 additional Financial calculators, Calc Pro is by far the top choice to replace your default Windows Mobile calculator. With five calculator modes, five display options, and four skins, Calc Pro works the way You want. You can use Panoramic Calc Pro to perform any of the standard or advanced operations for which you would normally use a handheld calculator!


  • Ten calculators included for uncluttered and efficient performance: Standard, Scientific, Base Conversions, Graphing, Unit Converter, World Currencies, Date & Time, Constants, Financial, and Statistics.
  • The Financial Calculator contains 10 powerful calculator worksheets to help solve common financial problems
  • Five (5) display options: normal, fractions, scientific, engineering and fixed (2-10 decimal places)
  • Five (5) calculator modes: simple, algebraic, direct algebraic, expression and RPN
  • Copy and Paste functionality allows transfer of results to other programs, such as Excel and Word
  • Option for use of regional settings to format onscreen answers
  • Easy to use touch menu systems for quick and intuitive navigation
  • Record Tape option outputs a text record of all your calculations so you can review later
  • Quick Toggle button to return to the previous calculator
  • Four (4) custom skins
  • Finger friendly buttons and menus for touch screen devices
  • Simple to use - most options are available just by tapping the display.
  • "Smart Input" technology prevents you from entering invalid expressions and avoids errors

Check out the pics! The graphing calculator function is a life-saver if you're taking scientific math! The color combos are eye candy too!

Get it here for $24.95!

That's it for this week's software roundup! I hope everyone is having a great holiday and getting some rest and eating lots of good food. We'll be back next week with more software news and updates.

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