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Incipio Bond Street Holster for Centro and iPhone

Mon Dec 29, 2008 - 9:53 AM EST - By Jay Gross


The box promotes it for use with the iPhone, but the Bond Street Holster by Incipio perfectly fits my Centro. It offers just the right amount of snug, so the phone doesn't go flying when the closure flap is lopped open. Moreover, it has well placed cutouts to make it super easy to pop the Centro out to answer a call.

The Bond Street comes in black or brown leather, each with a contrasting suede lining. The lining is soft to the touch, so it isn't likely to abrade the Centro (or Treo Pro, or whatever you entrust to it). The padded sides have strong reinforcement so they don't bend out of shape, and protect the phone from flying objects or prevent damage in (gasp!) a drop. In short, the Bond Street holster is a well built case that beautifully does its duty and protects its charge. It's just like a movie starlet - looks glamorous while doing its job.

Overall, the materials feel and look great. The quality of workmanship is also good - straight, evenly spaced contrast stitching that hugs the edges. The swooped edges give the holster some p'zazz, too.

Usability and protection

Though easily and quickly removable, the Centro is not particularly usable while it's in the Bond Street holster - though you could still take calls by using a Bluetooth, or even a wired headset. There's plenty of room in the case's cutouts for the headset connector to peek out. These days, everybody's texting, instead of talking, however, and to get to the device's keyboard, you have to remove the holster.

The box brags about the holster's "sturdy vertical belt clip." It's sturdy, for sure, but it isn't vertical. The permanently affixed belt clip, which does not rotate, only mounts the case horizontally, not vertical.

Clipped to your belt, bookbag or clothing, the Centro stays easily and quickly accessible - in case it rings. The side and bottom cutouts in the holster mean the Centro would never survive a dunk, even for a quick second or two. Yet, it should stay pretty safe from marauding objects - keys, coins, and the like.


The inexpensive and attractive Bond Street Holster, by Incipio, comes in a box that says it's built for the iPhone. It is. However, it works great with a Centro, and no one will be the wiser once you discard the box. With a fixed belt clip for horizontal use, plus a choice of black or brown in luxurious textured leather, the holster is available here for $24.95.

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Design 5
Protection 4
Usability 3
Cost/Benefit 4
(not an average)
  • Attractive holster with permanent, non-rotatable belt clip
  • Generously sized padded, magnetic flap closes without snaps
  • Choice of black or brown leather
  • Excellent workmanship and materials
  • Good protection for phone
  • Cons
  • Usable only horizontally (though the box says only vertical)
  • Large flap gets in the way of one-handed operation.

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