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Palm Re-Vamps Website

Tue Jan 6, 2009 - 5:22 PM EST - By Jennifer Chappell


Malatesta over at our sister site WMExperts reported yesterday that Palm has re-vamped their website. Maurel, one of our kind readers, also wrote in to let me know about Palm's site overhaul.

I checked out Palm's website new design, and it looks great! The pic above is the first thing you see when you get to palm.com/us. The graphics look wonderful and I love how large each page is. The devices are well focused on, set in front of a large, blurred background.

Note the cool "Search" bar at the top, right of the page. When you click on it, the white search box appears.

All the photos showing the apps on the phones are so good. You see large, high resolution, individual photos now instead of small pics. These are mouthwatering pics that I'd loved to have been able to grab when I was previously looking for good pics for Treo Pro articles. No more Googling for images now. Thanks Palm!

And many pages that you click on conveniently have a large "X" at the top of the page to let you close the page. Sweet! I appreciate that because I get so tired of hitting the backspace on so many websites.

There are also some very nice interactive images on the new site. The videos load fast and look crisp and clear.

When you click on "Shop" on the intro page, you'll see "Phones" and "Accessories". You don't see PDA's. But, don't fret because you can still find them by clicking on "Accessories" and then "Handhelds" on the next page.

You can't help but notice that Palm seems to be focusing on the three smartphones, the Treo Pro, Centro, and Treo 800w. And Malatesta let us know in the above mentioned article that Palm had "left a little bit of info confirming that upcoming Sprint Treo Pro".

Mal said:

Specifically, when you go to their site and hit "Shop" and then "Compare Details" you may notice how under the Treo Pro they have it listed as "3g" and "CDMA EvDO".

Hmmm, I just clicked on that, and it no longer lists the "EVDO" under the Treo Pro. Crap! Maybe it was just an error, *Oops*, and they took it down. Oh well, it won't be too long though before we see that Sprint Treo Pro.

Back to the Palm site overhaul, take a look at the Management Team section. Wow, they have some really nice individual photos of each team member in "work mode" shots. Really nice. I love those shots so much better than the normal head shots. Above you can see Ed Colligan and Jon Rubinstein in action. Good ole gadget guys! I just love 'em!

So we've got the big Palm website redesign and the big news coming up on Thursday. Looks like the redesign is coinciding with Palm's CES event. I'm so excited and can't wait until Thursday! I know all of you are as well!

And remember, stay tuned right here because Dieter will be there Live to keep you up to date at the big event!

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