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T-Mobile gets smart

Wed Jun 11, 2003 - 11:49 AM EDT - By Michael Ducker

T-Mobile updated their wireless internet plans today, and now you can get unlimited GPRS for $19.99. (With voice plan $29.99 or higher). OR for $29.99 a month you can just get data. Unlike Sprint's unlimited data plans, this is for cellphones, pda's, and laptops. You can change your plan now by calling T-Mobile. A first step in the right direction for affordable data?

This was first spotted as a rumor on the boards, but than this morning pocketpcthoughts.com confirmed it. However I was unable to find info on it on T-Mobile's website.

This should make the Treo 600 even more enticing, and the possibility of wireless software downloads, and streaming video/audio on both networks more of a reality.

Dieter Bohn gives us this quote after signing up for it: "It was fast, easy. 20 bucks for any kind of internet, as much as I can eat? I'll take it. Don't forget that it's an add-on plan only, you have to have a plan with data minutes. Heck, a cheap minutes plan plus this is STILL cheaper than Sprint's laptop plan."

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