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SnapperMail adds HTML and SSL

Thu Jun 12, 2003 - 12:15 AM EDT - By Michael Ducker

SnapperFish Limited Corporation announced today SnapperMail 1.7. SnapperMail 1.7 is an update to the award winning email program for Palm. The new features will include:

  • HTML rendering, including multi-sized colored fonts (based on the standard Palm OS fonts) and common HTML widgets like bullet lists, block quotes, etc. No other email app can render unlimited length HTML messages, so this will be a first.

  • Hyperlinked URLs (browser support)

  • Support for digest mode messages

SnapperMail 1.7 will be a free upgrade to all registered users.

Also announced today is a partnership with Certicom Corp. to integrate SSL support into SnapperMail. SnapperMail will be the only email application for Palm OS 5.1 that can send/receive attachments over SSL. (Palm OS 5.2 only based VersaMail can do this to)

SnapperFish will add this feature to a Premier version ($45) that will be released later this month. SnapperMail 1.7 Standard ($35) will also be released later this month without the SSL support of premier.

Also of note, SnapperMail's upgrades-for-life has been phased out. Existing upgrades-for-life participants will receive the upgrade to Premier for free, as well as any future upgrades.

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