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More Treo/Centro Sightings

Thu Jan 15, 2009 - 3:20 PM EST - By Jennifer Chappell


I'm back again with more Treo/Centro sightings! Palm smartphones continue to pop up on television and movies. I get a sense of pride each time I see a Palm smartphone on the small or big screen. Ah, remember when Jack Bauer on "24" used his mighty Treo in his quest to keep the U.S. safe from terrorists? Chloe would send Jack photos of suspects to his Treo. Jack could also have blueprints of buildings and GPS directions sent to his Treo. Sadly, I read in the TV Guide that Jack will be using a Samsung Instinct this season. Why Jack, why? Below is a Sprint ad I saw over to the side of the viewing screen while watching "24" online. I haven't seen Jack using an Instinct yet. So far, he's been using some sort of flip phone that I can't identify.

Oh well, maybe Jack will upgrade to a Palm Pre once that device has been released.

I did happen to see a Treo being used by a bad guy in the latest episode of "24" though, so looks like Palm is still in the picture. I can't tell if the Treo being used is a Treo 750 or a 755p. They haven't shown a shot of the buttons or keypad yet, just the back and side of the phone.

Margaret, one of our readers, was kind enough to let me know that she saw a Centro on NBC's show "Chuck". Chuck's ex-girfriend and Fulcrum agent Jill was seen using a black Centro. Thanks to Margaret letting me know the exact episode, I was able to find a good screenshot of Chuck seeing a text message on Jill's Centro while Jill was out of the room. In the pics above you can see Chuck looking at the text message, and Jill checking her phone when she comes back into the room.

I told you about seeing a new character on "ER" using a Centro last time. Well, in the most recent episode, one of the main characters, Samantha Taggart, used a Centro. Sam got a phone call from Dr. Tony Gates, and when she looked at her Centro's screen and saw who the call was from, she didn't answer because she's mad at Tony. Thanks for the nice closeup of the Centro's screen NBC. Nice!

Fellow writer Neal Martin wrote to me recently and told me that he'd watched the movie "Eagle Eye" and spotted a Palm Treo 755p. He sent me the above screenshot of the phone. Thanks! I haven't seen the movie yet but look forward to seeing it soon.

TreoCentral forum member waltherg22 posted a thread in the forums saying that he saw a Treo 680 in the movie "Transporter 3". He even included some screenshots, which I've put in above. Thanks waltherg22! Hmmm, that sort of looks like a Treo 750 or 755p. Hard to tell, but looks to be a dark blue color.

My, my, check out this photo of Eva Longoria with a Treo that forum member BP_B850 posted in one of my favorite threads, "Treo Sightings" You guys can wipe that drool off your mouths now LOL!

Here's another great pic from the same thread, courtesy of forum member spaniola. Check out Ari from "Entourage" with his Treo. I love Jeremy Piven, by the way! ;-)

I'll be back soon with more Treo/Centro sightings! Shoot me an email if you spot a Treo or Centro on a television show or movie that I haven't mentioned yet. I know that many of you get as excited as I do when seeing Palm smartphones. I notice every laptop, desktop PC, Bluetooth headset, and smartphone on everything I watch. I just can't help myself. I'd bet money that a bunch of you are the very same way. ;-)

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