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Sprint Treo Pro - TreoCentral Forum Member User Report

Mon Jan 19, 2009 - 9:01 AM EST - By Jennifer Chappell

TreoCentral forum member jimh2000 got to play with a Treo Pro at his local Sprint store and has posted his first impressions:

  • very nice feel in the hand, well made
  • Flush screen is nice
  • Touch sensitive butons worked well
  • Keyboard smaller than my 800w but wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be
  • Audio quality was great, earpiece and speaker
  • Pro has a manual PRL update icon in settings menu
  • Has a youtube icon that goes to Kinoma Freeplay when pressed
  • Memmory was 369 storage and program (I think, will verify)

jimh2000 said that it was the first time he'd helda Treo Pro. He noted that his Treo 800w feels like a Ford truck and the Pro fel like a BMW. Sound like he was pretty darn impressed with the Tro Pro.

Malatesta posted something by forum member deanwoof from the Sprint Users forum that was interesting:

The demo phones for the Sprint stores should have all arrived by now.
My thoughts on it so far:
Cons - the phone has frozen up a few times for about 3-4 seconds while playing Bejeweled 2 and having Activesync running in the background. That's not a good sign even though it's supposed to have more RAM on the damn thing compared to the 800wx. Not much of an improvement over 800wx performance wise.
Pros - The device is much sexier and sleeker looking than anything Sprint has at the moment IMO. The phone doesn't feel cheap like the 800wx, which I thought was just the 700wx slapped on with some blue housing sans antanae. The touch screen itself is much nicer and is more responsive, but because the phone feels so different than what we've seen/felt, it feels odd when you are touching the screen with your thumbs. The keypad is a huge improvement over the 800wx. you can actually type on the thing without having your hand/thumbs feel like they were going to cramp.
One really cool thing is the ability to go to some websites and the phone would actually play embedded videos that the touch pro/diamond and other windows phones didn't.
otherwise with the 20 or so minutes i've played with it there's nothing that really would make me purchase this phone, and especially not at the price tag (549.99/249.99 i believe is what it's listed as).
the box is different. and i do mean different. instead of the standard yellow box that most sprint phones come packaged in with a lot of wasted space, the thing is half the size and oddly shaped. i guess palm/sprint is trying to cut down on waste/material?

jimh2000 said that he doesn't know if the Sprint Pro is enough of a "work phone" for his use. He got a 2600mAh battery for his Treo 800w and he feels that the 800w is a workhorse, and aside from a few issues, he says that the 800w is the best, most stable phone he's owned and the keyboard works well. He finds the keyboard on the Pro to be smaller and that it would take some time to get comfortable with it.Well, it's great to read some opinions about the Sprint Treo Pro. I look forward to reading more first impressions on this smartphone.

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