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Treo 300 Updater 1.0

Thu Jun 19, 2003 - 9:28 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

Note, please see end of article about a possible major bug in battery usage while connected to vision.

This week, Handspring quietly posted the long awaited first firmware update to the Treo 300. You can download Updater 1.0 for windows here. (It seems they have taken down their mac version, a TreoCentral user has it mirrored here.)

"The Treo 300 Updater 1.0 updates the radio in your Treo 300, and improves your device's performance with some minor changes:

* Provides a better error handling system when attempting to send or receive data on a congested network (instead of a reset).

* Improves sound quality on recipient's end (this issue affected limited markets)."

Only Treo 300's with a firmware rev of 1.20 or less need to be updated.

Sadly, preliminary reports on the boards say that it does not fix the battery drain problem that has long plagued Treo 300 users.

TreoCentral user JoeGuru emailed me this note about the battery problems: "You may want to point people at the two discussion threads in the Treo 300 board *before* they run the updater. This update causes the Treo to run through batteries in about 2 hours if a data connection is built up. People need to be aware of this, otherwise there are going to be alot of dead Treos out there with surprised users hanging onto them. "

The two discussion threads are here (specifically about 1.21 experiences), and here (our ongoing thread about the updater ever since knowledge of it was first leaked).

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