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Official Palm Blog Talks About Mobile Gaming

Thu Jan 29, 2009 - 12:17 PM EST - By Jennifer Chappell

The Official Palm Blog has posted up a short article on mobile gaming. As mentioned in the article, many people are seen playing games on their mobile phones. I've killed a crap load of time myself playing games on my Treo 680 and Centro while waiting around in a boring doctor's office.

According to the article, phones have been equipped with mobile gaming capabilities for over a decade. Plus, the number of mobile gamers around the globe is expected to reach 220 million this year. Yep, I'd say that the mobile gaming business is definitely booming. Big time!

The article lists the most popular Palm OS games over at Handango. Looks like Bejeweled 2 came in at the top of the list. Over at the TreoCentral Store, Bejeweled 2 comes in at number 5. Number 1 at the moment is The Real Dice Network

The Official Palm Blog asked some of the folks in the Palm community about their favorite games. Our own Dieter Bohn was asked, and he singled out Crosswords. I'm not surprised because I've heard Dieter mention a few times in podcasts how much he loves crossword puzzles. The author of the article likes Bookworm. Hey, that's one of my favorites too!

Go check out the article, and you can chime in on your mobile gaming habits on Palm's Facebook discussion board.

Thinking about all those Palm OS games sure does make me wonder what kind of games we'll be seeing on the Palm Pre. With no stylus, I doubt if we'll be seeing many of those games in which you have to tap on the screen to choose something like a colored jewel or a specific letter. Should be interesting to see what happens when the Pre is launched.

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