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SMS Your Subway Order in NYC

Fri Jan 30, 2009 - 8:43 AM EST - By Jennifer Chappell

That's right, you can "eat fresh" by ordering from Subway via SMS in New York City. I just read an Into Mobile article (via Engadget Mobile) which says that Subway has launched a free service called Subway Now to allow New York City residents to make sandwich orders via text message.

Once you register on Subway's special website where you enter your credit card info, address, and make a list of your favorite sandwiches, you're ready to order. Just text "menu" to Subway's shortcode (466626). Subway will reply with a list of your predefined favorite sandwiches. Simply reply back with the number of the favorite you want to order, and you'll receive a text confirmation and pick up time. Pretty neat.

Since you'll have already paid for your order with your credit card, you can skip the line when you arrive at Subway and just grab your sandwich and go. This service is only in NYC at the moment, but will expand later. I'd love to be able to text in my Subway orders on my Treo Pro or Centro. Well, I know what I'll be buying for supper this evening. Looks like I'll be doing my ordering on the phone though.

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