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Treo/Centro Sightings

Fri Feb 6, 2009 - 12:13 PM EST - By Jennifer Chappell

Look! A Treo!

Yep, we've got more Treo/Centro sightings for you! TreoCentral reader Dave let us know that he spotted this Ford ad in the December 2008 edition of NASA Tech Briefs. Dave says that it talks about the technology in Ford vehicles, including Sync by Microsoft.

Above is a close-up cropped section of the ad. Looks like a WM Treo in the ad. A Treo 700wx, maybe? I see some other cool devices in the pic as well, including an iPod w/video, Zune, Motorola phone, and a thumbdrive. I don't have a Ford vehicle so I don't have a car with the Sync technology. Looks like good stuff though.

The Ford Focus in a commercial I've been seeing lately looks great. It would be cool to be able to sync with your Palm smartphone with the technology built-in to our vehicle.

TreoCentral reader Jeff wrote in just this morning to let us know that on FOX's most recent episode of "Bones", Emily Descanel's character Dr. Brennan takes a creepy phone call on her Centro from a bad guy.

Jeff points out that Brennan uses a voice recorder to record the call, but it would have been nice to see her use the Centro, which has that function as well. I guess Brennan was in a hurry, and it looked like she just grabbed her friend's voice recorder to quickly record the conversation as fast as she could.

One of my favorite ABC shows is "Ugly Betty", and character Daniel Meade uses a Centro often, as does character Wilhelmina Slade. Daniel uses a Black Centro and Wilhelmina uses a White Centro. Main character Betty Suarez uses a BlackBerry phone.

In episode 12, Daniel pulls out his Centro and shows a slide show of some vacation photos to his new girlfriend Molly. Molly was in the photos of course but Daniel wanted to show off how he could put together a slide show. We already know how cool that is on our Centro's though, huh?

Another favorite ABC show of mine is "Brothers and Sisters". I love this show!! The Walker family is one heck of a smartphone-connected family. In every show, the family members are talking to one another on their cell phones. Sometimes the family members are shown in a split screen, showing all of them talking to each other at once. There are always some very comical and animated conversations going on in this family! I've seen a various assortment of different phones like BlackBerrys, Nokias, and Motorolas. In a recent episode, Sarah juggles both a BlackBerry and a Palm Treo at one time, carrying on two different conversations. Now that's a gadget girl! Sarah's Treo looks like it might be a 755p, but I'm not sure. I never did see a better angle. Hopefully Sarah will use the Treo on more episodes.

I'll keep my eyes on the lookout for more Treo/Centro sightings! Thanks to all of you have kept a lookout too and who have sent in reportings of sightings! We really appreciate it! I've got a few sightings that people have sent in that I haven't had a chance to find a screenshot of yet. I'll have more sightings soon.

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