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Battery drain fix?

Fri Jun 27, 2003 - 1:36 AM EDT - By Michael Ducker

Sprint has filled the open positions. Below is for reference only. From the boards:

"Yes, I work for Sprint. I've sent the threads from here to our lab people. They are interested in contacting 2-3 of you who are having battery drain issues among other things. I know there are more than that but they only asked for a few at this time. Sprint is very interested in finding out what is going on.

I have already sent PMs to a couple but I have yet to hear back if they want to talk to Sprint for investigation/resolution. So I'll open it up to the floor. Below are a few things they are looking for.

- where they are located

- what the coverage is like

- previous battery life (pre Tortoise/upgrade)

- when did they first notice battery drain,

- where were they when they battery drain was noticed

- normal types of usage

- what 3rd party apps they have installed

- any misbehaving apps they may have installed

Please send me a PM if you are having anything like the above. Sprint will obviously need your name a and contact #. Don't use your Treo # since they will probably be asking you to do some testing with it..."

Heath also gives other instructions on how to contact him directly at Sprint in case you are wary of randomly giving out personal info. Right now he only has 1 user, so hopefully a few more users will offer to help out.

This battery issue has been documented in many threads on the boards, along in recent news items.

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