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Treo/Centro (Pre?) Sightings

Mon Feb 16, 2009 - 4:45 PM EST - By Jennifer Chappell


Those Palm smartphones just keep on popping up on television, and I'm excited each time I spot one or someone lets me know that they've seen one. Sometimes I'm trying so hard to see what type of phone a character is holding during a show that I lose track of the story line. I guess you could say that I'm obsessed. I have to know what each phone and laptop is. Of course there are many that I have no idea about, but I can at least say that it's a Sprint, Dell, or HP or whatever brand.

This week was especially exciting since forum member nlowhor posted that he'd seen posts on Twitter that a Palm Pre had been spotted on the TV show "Knight Rider". Below are some of the screenshots from the thread in the forum courtesy of treoKing.

And Jason Robitaille posted about the sighting over at our sister site PreCentral.net. As Jason noted, the phone spotted had the curved looks, the slider and the keyboard. Jason even posted the link to the video where you can see the mystery device at the 4:45 time mark.

But, alas, it seems to have been a false alarm and not a Palm Pre being used on the show. *sigh...* How do we know? Well, Palm responded to someone asking about the Knight Rider screencaps on their Twitter page declaring:

They're impostors.

Some of our forum members seem to think that the phone is actually a Touch Dual.

So maybe that wasn't a Pre, but we know that the Pre will begin to show up in TV shows sooner or later. All you eagle eye Palm smartphone watchers be on the lookout, and be sure to let us know if you spot one!

Jimmy wrote in and let me know that he'd spotted a Treo being used on A&E's "The First 48", Episode 95: American Deram/Easter Sunday. Thanks Jimmy, and thanks for specifying the exact episode too!

I actually hadn't even heard of "The First 48" but dug around and found out about it. It's an A&E show about homicide detectives trying to solve cases. Their chance of solving a case is cut in half in they don't get a lead in THE FIRST 48.

I found a video clip from the show that Jimmy mentioned, but I didn't see the Treo in the clip. So I looked in the iTunes Store and found the show available there. I bought the show and downloaded it, and started watching. I spotted the Treo and got a couple of screenshots. Sergeant Constance Slappey from the Detroit police department carries a Treo. Looks to be a 650 because I had one that color on Cingular.

I still haven't finished watching the show, but it looks pretty interesting so far. The subject is of course very depressing as all murders are. Nice to see a Treo being used for good in law enforcement though.

I was watching the latest episode of "Lost" on my laptop over the weekend, and was happy to spot a Treo in that show. Sun got a call from her Mother and told her that Sun's daughter wanted to talk to her. When the mother put the phone up to the toddler's mouth, I saw that it was a Palm Treo. And I do believe I see Sprint on the back of it.

Ryan wrote in and let me know that he'd seen Claire Bennet on "Heroes" using a Pink Centro. I hadn't seen that Centro yet because I was behind on watching the show. So I gladly caught up with the latest two episodes and got to see Claire texting on the Centro. There was a great closeup shot of a text.

That Centro looks like it would be a Vibrant Pink Rose on Sprint.

TreoCentral reader Jeff let me know that he spotted a Centro on Showtime's "The L Word". Tom (an ASL interpreter for Marlie Matlin's character) receives a text on his Onyx Centro.

So I tracked down that episode on a website that shows a crapload of different TV shows for free. I grabbed the above screenshot. You wouldn't believe what the person texting Tom is wanting to tell him! LOL, but I won't spoil it for you L Word watchers! ;-) Let's just say that it's probably a 1 in a million situation. Hmmm, well, it could possibly be a 2 in a million if you count real life situations.

I had watched the movie "The Sentinel" starring Michael Douglas awhile back and had seen a secret service agent played by Eva Longoria using a Palm Treo. I'd forgotten about it though. TreoCentral reader Dave wrote in recently and told me about spotting a Treo in the movie, so I found the movie and grabbed some screen shots.

Both the good guys (good gal in this case) and the bad guys used Palm Treos in "The Sentinel" as seen above. I guess the Treos are either 650's or 700p's or both. Boyhowdy, seeing a small Pre in shows and movies in the future is going to be different, huh? The Pre won't look as brick-like as the Treo does.

Maurel wrote in and let me know that a few of the actresses on the CW show "The Game" have Centros. I found a website that has "The Game" episodes and skimmed through a bunch of them until I found one that had a Centro. Melanie Barnett on The CW's "The Game" uses a White Palm Centro, and above is a screenshot I grabbed of her reading a text message on it.

While looking for the Centro/Treo screenshots in those shows and movies, I glimpsed some BlackBerry devices too. I'm sure our pal Kevin over at CrackBerry.com will appreciate these. ;-) The upper left pic is of some guy on "The Game" (a lawyer maybe) reading a text message on his BlackBerry Bold. The upper right pic is of Michael Douglas' character in "The Sentinel" using an 'oldie but goodie' BlackBerry. And the pics on the bottom were both from the show "Fringe". Agent Olivia Dunham was using her BlackBerry (Curve?) to read text messages and to get directions in her big SUV.

Since I first started watching "Fringe", Olivia has been using a BlackBerry, but in the latest episode she was sporting a Samsung slider phone. I'll have to get a screenshot of that one next time. And hopefully the scientist's assistant Astrid will use her Electric Blue Centro again so I can grab another shot of it. I LOVE that show!

Well, that's it for this edition of Treo/Centro sightings! If you spot a Palm smartphone, let us know!

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