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Mobi Products Holster w/Belt Clip for Centro

Thu Feb 19, 2009 - 11:19 AM EST - By Andre Kibbe


To be honest, I don't use belt clips much. One of the main reasons I switched from the Treo 755p to the Centro is that the latter could fit in my front pocket. But there are times that I need to put other things, like coins or headphones, in that pocket; and in those cases it's a relief to wear the Centro on my belt instead.

Obviously, since I usually keep the Centro in my pocket, I've not put a premium on protection. I'm not willing to put up with the extra bulk of a heavy case, so a solution like the Mobi Products Holster with Belt Clip for Centro is right up my alley. Let's take a look.

Design and Usability

Mobi's holster is an integrated two-piece product. A molded shell is the main component, and attached to it is a ratcheting belt clip.

One word of warning of you order this at the TreoCentral Store: the "Mobi Products Holster with Belt Clip for Centro" refers to two products with slightly different designs. Mobi has a four-corner holster with a part number of A3951. The one tested in this review is the two-corner model, with a part number of A3483. Make sure the picture matches the style you actually want.

This is either a design you'll either love for it's easy access to the Centro, or hate due to the lack of protection. If you're ordering this clip, you'll have already seen what the design looks like, so you'll know not to expect much shielding. Unlike some clips, this is a front-facing design — the screen faces outward, trading additional protection for additional visibility and usability.

Personally, I'm quite fond of this design. There are other clips with the same general design, but this one makes it easier to detach or insert the Centro with one hand. The clip that fastens the Centro at the top is thin enough to easily pull up and back with one thumb, while the cutout at the bottom allows you to simultaneously push up the phone with your fingers; so with a couple of minutes of practice, you can get used to detaching the Centro in one motion.

The ratching belt clip is pretty standard, though I wouldn't recommend taking advantage of its rotating capability. There are only corner grips at the bottom, so wearing your Centro horizontally is asking for trouble. Your arm could accidentally brush against the top clip and inadvertently release the Centro to meet its maker.

The other Mobi holster cups the Centro a little more deeply. The one featured here gives the phone more of a "naked" look and feel. If you're like me, and prefer cases that stay out of your way, this is the style to get. You can access everything on the Centro, even the microSD slot that's gets covered up by most cases.


This is a great little holster for anyone looking for maximum accessibility and minimal covering. It's simple to use and lighter than the average holster, yet it felt very secure when clipped in place, despite the shell being somewhat on thin side. Unless more comprehensive protection is a priority (in which case you probably would think of ordering this one), the Mobi holster is easy to recommend.

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Design 5
Usability 5
Protection 3
Cost/Benefit 5
(not an average)
  • Easy to insert and extract Centro with one hand
  • Lighter than most holsters
  • Well-placed cutouts
  • Cons
  • Thin plastic
  • Does not brace the top corners

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