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Inside the Treo 600 Developer Area

Tue Jul 22, 2003 - 3:54 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker


UPDATE! Added third page with Treo 600 tutorial screenshots

To catalyze development of applications, services and add-ons for its upcoming Treo 600 series smartphones, Handspring today released preliminary software development tools to help developers optimize solutions for the Treo 600.

Most exciting of the tools relased is the Treo 600 Simulator - a Palm OS 5.0 Simulator bundled with the Treo 600 ROM file. The applications within the simulator appears fairly complete. A more detailed report to follow.

The SDK weighs in a hefty 396 pages, and contains very detailed information on the Treo 600 - ranging from UI design to C Code classes.

The simulator and developer kit is available for free at www.handspring.com/developers.

The software developer kit enables Palm OS developers to design both new and existing applications for Treo 600's unique feature set, including advanced telephony and messaging capabilities, an integrated QWERTY keyboard, a five-way navigation system, a Palm OS 5 software foundation, an SD/IO expansion slot, a built-in camera, a bright color display and enhanced speaker and system sounds.

Handspring today also introduced Treo Optimized guidelines through which developers can ensure the highest level of compatibility and ease of use for solutions running on Treo 600 or any other wireless member of the Treo family. This self-administered program is designed to deliver the best possible customer experience for third-party solutions. Treo Optimized solutions receive additional sales support prioritization through Handspring's and its carrier partners' online and retail channels. A number of development partners have already optimized their Palm OS applications for the Treo 600 series in a matter of days, ensuring an improved customer experience in typical smartphone usage scenarios.

"A significant part of delivering the best possible smartphone to customers is enabling third-party solutions to run seamlessly on Treo," said Calin Pacurariu, director of developer solutions for Handspring, Inc. "We anticipate some of the most exciting things people can do with Treo will come from our solution partners. Providing these tools now will help ensure timely delivery of applications when the product becomes available this fall."

Direct access to thousands of applications

Flexible and extensible support for direct downloads to Treo 600 series utilizes standard Palm OS 5 interfaces allowing developers to quickly optimize their applications for over the air delivery. The open standards based browser platform on the Treo 600 enables the secure transaction and download capability that is required for successful commercial deployment of online storefronts by Handspring carrier, distributor and developer partners with minimal modification to existing systems.

"The native secure transaction and download capabilities of the Treo 600 series combines the rich applications base of the Palm OS with a direct ability to purchase and download a particular application whenever you are connected to a wireless data network" said Pacurariu "No matter where you' are, you'll be able to access the latest software update from your service provider, buy a new application for your smartphone, or make a secure transaction from an online store.

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