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Sena Croco Leatherskin Case for Centro

Tue Mar 10, 2009 - 4:15 PM EDT - By Jay Gross


The impressive thing about the Sena Leatherskin Croco form-fit case for the Centro is what is missing: weight. I like the Centro because it doesn't weigh much. I like the Leatherskin case because it – well – doesn't weight much. A mere 16 grams, barely over half an ounce.

The Croco creation is a great looking protector that doesn't add much mass. The important thing about that mass is that you have to hold up to your ear during a conversation. It even comes with a soft, drawstring pouch, to sidestep its main issue: the lack of touchscreen protection.

Sena's Leatherskin Croco has a (faux!) crocodile finish in either red or black. The luxurious (real!) leather is extra thin - that's a benefit, not a problem - and it hugs the Centro snugly, snapping on with a minimalist strap that flops across the top. Cutouts by the score leave the phone's controls accessible, while exposing the microphone, the camera's lens and primping mirror, and the IR port on the side. The screen and keyboard cutouts leave precious little material on the front side. Depending on how carefully you twiddle with inserting the phone, the cutouts land pretty close to where they ought to be - except the IR one. It's a smidge off, no matter what.

The design leaves no protection for the screen, alas. I reduced the danger with a simple screen protector. Sena provides an attractive, drawstring-equipped felt sack that does a better job, at the expense of accessibility. Really, I'd probably come out better if I put the other contents of my pockets in the sack - keys, coins, marbles, lucky charms, dragon toenails - instead of the Centro.


Design-wise, the Leatherskin Croco takes the minimalist approach to cases, but it's a well thought out package. The Croco leaves everything accessible except the microSD card slot. That includes the side buttons and the camera. For charging and earbuds, you don't have to remove the Centro from the case - a handy benefit. A shaped cutout in the bottom exposes the entire connector.


For all its beauty, the Leatherskin doesn't offer much protection from the world's slings and arrows – or coins and keys and other jetsam that inhabit pockets, purses, and bookbags. The Centro's back stays well protected, to be sure, but its touchscreen blazes its own way in the world. A protector is probably enough to keep down scratches, but knocks and flying objects could crack the screen, and that's as far as I go discussing scary possibilities. I'll just remind of the handy felt sack, and suggest using it when venturing into unfriendly territory.

Belt clip

My preference is to go clipless into the fray, and the Leatherskin case does that with grace. Out of the box - an actual, giftwrapable box, not one of those impenetrable plastic bubble things - its metal clip button comes in a little plastic baggie, unattached, complete with an Allen wrench to bolt it on with. There's even a spare screw for when-not-if a carpet eats one.

The plastic belt clip is just a plain clip. It'll rotate freely, with no detents. The clip itself includes a barb, but I could wish for a little longer reach, providing a little more finger leverage to open it, and having the attachment to the button on the other end. Looks pretty standard, so if you have one left over from another case, it just might work.


I gravitated toward the red case for my red Centro, but black, looks good on it, too, and also looks great with the pink Centro, though it obscures some of the pink. The black Leatherskin doesn't add any unwelcome eyebrow-raising pizzazz to the boring black Centro. You pick, confident that no crocodiles were harmed in the making of the product - though the same can't be said for cows.


For basic protection against the nicks and knocks that life dishes out, Sena's Leatherskin Croco case is an attractive possibility. It looks good, feels great, leaves almost all of the controls usable, and doesn't weigh you down. The case provides good protection for everything but the Centro's screen; however, the included soft pouch cinches that limitation. You can get one here for $39.95.

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Design 5
Usability 4
Protection 3
Cost/Benefit 4
(not an average)
  • Attractive, with a good feel and excellent workmanship
  • Easy to slip on or off
  • Detachable metal button for removable, freely rotating belt clip
  • Latch strap
  • Soft inside surface for Centro to slide against
  • Cons
  • Screen remains unprotected
  • Must remove case to change MicroSD card

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