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Palm Discontinues ChatterMail App

Thu Mar 12, 2009 - 3:20 PM EDT - By Jay Gross

Palm Infocenter is reporting that Palm is no longer processing new registrations for the long-revered alternative email application for PalmOS, ChatterEmail. Curiously, Palm's app store still provides documentation and other information, and no announcement if the app's demise has been posted, so the problem might be temporary. But maybe not.

A user post on the ChatterEmail support forum describes the difficulty: the app's "Buy Now" click now leads to an empty page, and the registration links have disappeared.

Palm bought the application and hired its developer shortly before the Centro became a reality. However, the developer of ChatterEmail, Marc Blanc, left Palm in December. See this thread in TreoCentral's forums. The app enables continuously updated email on PalmOS Treo and Centro smartphones. It supports a wide range of IMAP and POP3 servers and IMAP IDLE (RFC 2177).

The Palm Infocenter article recommended that existing users of the registered versions record their registration information and store a copy of the program somewhere, to prevent potential disaster.

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