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Treo 600 E-Mail Solutions

Tue Jul 22, 2003 - 6:02 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

Handspring recently made several annoucements regarding e-mail solutions for the Treo 600: SEVEN's Email Client, GoodLink 2.0, and Visto.

SEVEN's Email Client

SEVEN's software will be the default email client on all Treo 600 devices sold by Sprint PCS. SEVEN and Handspring have worked closely together to support Sprint email solutions since the launch of the Treo 300 last summer - SEVEN is currently powering Sprint's "PCS Business Connection Personal Edition & Enterprise Edition".

SEVEN offers secure, real-time, over-the-air access to their Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Domino, IMAP and POP email, PIM information and documents.

"Treo is known for its usability, utility and ability to make important office applications portable so you can be connected when you're not in the office," said Ed Colligan, founder, president, and chief operating officer for Handspring. "By integrating SEVEN's mobile email client with Treo 600, we make it easy for people to stay in touch with their business and personal email on the go."

"We are dedicated to creating a superior user experience for our customers," said Billy Alvarado, SEVEN's vice president of products. "This collaboration delivers secure, easy-to-use, personal and corporate email on a great mobile deviceĀ—it is a winning combination."

GoodLink 2.0

Good Technology is working to deliver the GoodLink 2.0 wireless corporate messaging and information access system to the Handspring Treo 600. The software will not be bundled with the Treo 600, but will be available as a third party application.

GoodLink 2.0 provides enterprises with cradle-free, real-time synchronized access to Microsoft Exchange Server-based data so that users can instantly access e-mail, contacts, calendar, notes and tasks when they are away from their desktops. GoodLink enables users to view e-mail attachments in Microsoft Office, WordPerfect, HTML, PDF and RTF file formats. The GoodLink system includes synchronizing server software, nationwide wireless service on a variety of networks, and applications software for a variety of devices and operating systems, including the Good G100, RIM 950 and RIM 957 wireless handhelds, and industry-standard devices based on PalmOS, and soon PocketPC.

"With GoodLink 2.0 and the Treo 600, Good and Handspring can offer businesses a sophisticated enterprise-class wireless email and data solution, on the most innovative converged device design," said Ed Colligan, founder, president and chief operating officer of Handspring. "GoodLink's 'Outlook-in-your-pocket' experience - including full email, calendar and contact synchronization - offers users an incredible benefit, offering a solution that doesn't compromise their wireless voice experience or their wireless data needs."


Visto plans to optimize its wireless email solutions to coincide with the launch of Treo 600 later this year. Like GoodLink, their application would be a third-party offering.

Visto offers Visto Mobile Access Solution, Server Edition, which provides departmental and enterprise access to corporate email without the need for a desktop computer. Visto's Desktop Solution is designed for individual access to corporate, Internet and POP3 email via smartphones such Treo Communicators, as well as enhanced, WAP capable devices. Both Visto solutions provide secure mobile access via standard wireless services.

"Visto helped set high standards for email in the Treo product line by co-developing and hosting the Treo Mail service," said Ed Colligan, founder, president and chief operating officer for Handspring. "We're proud to have market innovators like Visto help make Treo 600 the top productivity device of its kind with outstanding solutions for enterprises and individuals through its market-proven set of server and desktop email products and services."

Visto co-developed and launched Treo Mail with Handspring in early 2002 as the first mobile email solution designed for the Treo products. Treo Mail is hosted by Visto, providing secure, mobile access to desktop email through automatic delivery of corporate and Internet-based POP3 email. Visto expanded its support for Treo to its entire line of server and desktop wireless email solutions.

"Handspring's selection of Visto as a key partner is validation of the strength and breadth of Visto's solutions," said Brian Bogosian, chairman, president and CEO of Visto. "We believe the Treo 600, combined with Visto wireless email products, will give corporate and individual users an extremely compelling and cost effective wireless email solution."

Treo Mail under new management?

Handspring and Visto also announced that they are in discussions to have Visto assume responsibility for the Treo Mail service, including the marketing and customer support functions, which are currently provided by Handspring.

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